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Instruction manual

Car maintenance

The engine and its systems





Body and heating system

  • Background
  • Disassembly and assembling the side door
  • Removing, mounting and adjusting the side doors
  • Installing power windows (ZAZ-1103)
  • Installing the system of electric lock for the side door locks
  • Removing   installing tailgate
  • Removing and installing the hood
  • Removing and installing bumpers
  • Removing and installing radiator trim
  • Removing and installing the glass
  • Removing and installing the dashboard
  • Removing and installing front seats
  • Removing and installing the rear seat
  • Removing and installing the heater
  • Body repair
  • Anticorrosion treatment of the body

Electrical equipment avd electrical circuits

Gas-cylinder equipment

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Dismantling of the gearbox ZAZ-Tavria / Slavuta / Dana

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