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Subscriber Agreement


This KrutilVertel Subscriber Agreement (hereinafter - the “Agreement”) is an official document establishing your rights and obligations as a KrutilVertel Subscriber, a product offered by the KrutilVertel service. Please read its contents carefully.


“KrutilVertel” is an international online service for help to motorists “KrutilVertel.com” is designed to provide any motorist with the most selected and necessary information on the repair and maintenance of his car. After registration of the account (hereinafter referred to as the “Account”) of the user is completed, you become a subscriber of KrutilVertel (hereinafter referred to as the “Subscriber”). This agreement comes into force after you accept its terms.

A. Party to the agreement

In all situations, interaction is based on a contractual relationship with KrutilVertel.

B. Subscriptions

Content, and Services As a Subscriber, you can access certain services and content available to KrutilVertel Subscribers. The terms “content” and “services” in this Agreement are understood as the KrutilVertel software client and any other software products, content and updates that you receive access to using KrutilVertel. The word “subscription” in this Agreement means access rights to and / or rights to use content and services that you access through KrutilVertel. Each Subscription gives you the right to access certain Content and Services. Some subscriptions may include additional conditions established for this Subscription (hereinafter referred to as the “Subscription Conditions”). The Subscription Conditions, Terms of Use, and the KrutilVertel Service Privacy Policy (which is located at / privacy-policy) become binding as soon as You accept these terms or accept this Agreement.

C. Your Account

After completing the registration procedure with KrutilVertel, you create your own account (hereinafter referred to as the “KrutilVertel Account”). You do not have the right to disclose, transfer or otherwise provide third parties the right to use your password or your Account. Each entrance to your Account using your username and / or password is considered to be committed by you, and you are responsible for this and for the security of your computer system. KrutilVertel is not responsible for the use of your password and Account or for any interaction and activities in KrutilVertel resulting from the use of your username and password. You do not have the right to sell, provide for a fee or otherwise transfer the right to use your Account.


A. Ownership of Content and Services

All property rights and intellectual property rights associated with the Content and Services and their copies belong to the KrutilVertel service and / or licensors. All rights reserved, unless otherwise provided by this Agreement. Content and Services are protected by copyright law, international agreements and conventions in the field of intellectual property and other legal acts. Content and Services contain a specific set of licensed materials, and KrutilVertel licensors have the right to protect their rights in case of violation of the provisions of this Agreement.

You cannot use the Content and Services for any other purpose than authorized access to KrutilVertel. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Terms of Use) or in the relevant law, you do not have the right to fully, partially copy, photocopy, reproduce, publish, distribute, translate, reverse engineer, establish the source code, modify , disassemble, create derivative works, as well as remove copyright information from this Content and Services or any software obtained through KrutilVertel, without the prior written consent of KrutilVertel. Content and Services are for personal use. You do not have the right to sell, encumber or transfer copies of the Content and Services to third parties in any way, provide the Content and Services on a rental basis or transfer the right to use them to third parties without the prior written consent of KrutilVertel.


You can request a refund for almost all purchases at KrutilVertel for any reason. KrutilVertel will refund the funds, regardless of any circumstances, if a refund was requested through the form no later than fourteen days after purchase and if the Download button in your account was not clicked. The funds for your purchase will be fully refunded within a week after the approval of the return.

You can request a refund and get help with other problems with your purchases at KrutilVertel here

KrutilVertel may provide links to third-party sites. Some of them may incur additional usage fees. You bear all additional costs and assume obligations arising from relationships with these sellers. KrutilVertel does not undertake any obligations, direct or indirect, related to third-party sites. In particular, KrutilVertel does not guarantee (directly or indirectly) that services or subscriptions offered by third-party sellers will not be changed or their provision will not be suspended or terminated.


You agree to be personally responsible for the use of your Account with your username and / or password, as well as for any interaction and activity at KrutilVertel. You also agree that KrutilVertel is not responsible for the use of your Account or any interaction and activities in KrutilVertel resulting from the use of your Account. If you believe that the confidentiality of your username and / or password has been violated, you must immediately notify KrutilVertel using the technical support form.

You acknowledge that KrutilVertel reserves the right to terminate your Account / Subscription without prior notice.


If you use KrutilVertel to promote or advertise a third party product, service or event on a reimbursable basis (including non-monetary types of remuneration), you must clearly indicate the source of this remuneration to your audience.


This Agreement may be amended bilaterally at any time with your explicit consent to the changes proposed by KrutilVertel. In addition, KrutilVertel reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement (including any Subscription Conditions and Terms of Use) at any time and at its discretion. In this case, you will receive an e-mail notification of any changes made to this KrutilVertel Agreement within 60 (sixty) days prior to the entry into force of these changes.


A. Duration

The Agreement comes into force from the moment you click the “I agree” button and continues until it is terminated in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

B. Termination at your initiative

You can liquidate your Account at any time by asking KrutilVertel to delete your Account.

C. Termination by KrutilVertel

KrutilVertel may terminate your Account at any time if (a) the KrutilVertel service stops providing services to subscribers in a general manner or (b) you violate any of the conditions of this Agreement (including the Terms of Use). In the event that your Account or Subscription was liquidated at the initiative of KrutilVertel due to your violation of the provisions of the Agreement or illegal activities, you are not entitled to rely on any refund.


Most user problems can be resolved using the KrutilVertel support service, available at.

You and KrutilVertel agree to make reasonable, diligent efforts to resolve any dispute informally.

All disputes not regulated by this agreement are governed by applicable law.


The current version of this Agreement was released on January 1, 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the “Revision Date”). If you were a Subscriber before the Revision Date, this version replaces the existing Agreement with KrutilVertel at the time you explicitly accept the new version. You may continue to use KrutilVertel in accordance with the terms of the previous version of the Agreement.