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The KRUTILVERTEL international service for motorists is designed to provide any motorist with the most selective and necessary information on the repair and maintenance of his car in electronic form. Hundreds of different DIY repair and maintenance guides (online and in PDF format) on the site will be indispensable helpers in any situation: from a major garage repair to minor breakdowns on the road. Auto literature will help you understand in more detail the structure of your own car, which will prevent many malfunctions.

The operating and service instructions, which can be downloaded from the website in PDF format, will allow you to better master the controls and prepare for a trip to the service station. Specialists of private repair shops will also find a lot of useful things here, because even with considerable experience in repair it is impossible to know everything, and specific information is required to perform complex procedures.

A good repair manual, which you can download in just a few seconds, will stay with you forever and insure in any difficult situation. Even an inexperienced motorist can use electronic books on car repair in PDF format.

Online repair tips, which you will find on the pages of this resource and those manuals that are presented on it, will help not only to correct the situation on your own and understand the repair technology, but also to learn more about the world of cars. With a good autobook, you will feel confident in any situation: neither the road, nor the garage, nor the car repair shop promises you trouble.

Here are just a few key questions that you can solve by downloading the necessary manual in electronic form:

  • repair and properly service the car;
  • competently prepare for a trip to the service station;
  • better understand the structure of your car;
  • pick up spare parts and consumables.

For convenience, you can download a free PDF file with information on car repair (introductory part), which will make it possible to decide and make an informed decision about the purchase.

The key goal of our project is clear and accessible information on car repair anytime and anywhere. An unequivocal priority for us is the creation of comfortable operating conditions for any car for any motorist! After all, the one who owns the information also owns the situation, which is especially important for every driver.

For almost 20 years, we have been developing and producing high-quality manuals for car repair and maintenance, designed for car enthusiasts and service station specialists.

The friendly Krutilvertel service team will become your indispensable assistant both in the garage and on the road! From now on, no malfunction will take you by surprise!