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Repair and service ZAZ cars in the eBook

Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant (ZAZ) is a Ukrainian company that produces cars, vans and buses. ZAZ is the main plant of the UkrAvto corporation. The main production workshops are located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

ZAZ owns a full cycle of car production, from the press shop, where rolled metal is stamped, to the assembly, painting and maintenance shop

The history of the company is very long. It dates back to 1863. Then workshops were created where self-tapping screws and iron parts for mills. Later the workshops were transformed into an agricultural machinery plant, which specialized in reapers, threshers and plows. In 1908, a production was created, which later turned into the Melitopol Motor Plant.

Since 1961, MeMZ has become one of the divisions of ZAZ. And the only car that the Zaporozhye plant produced at that time was the legendary and well-known to many ZAZ-965, popularly called the "Humpbacked Zaporozhets". After 5 years, a new ZAZ-966 rolled off the assembly line.

In 1987, the production of ZAZ-1102 "Tavria" was started. These were the first cars to be equipped with liquid-cooled engines.

In the period from 1991 to 2014, ZAZ was the leader among Ukrainian manufacturers. During this period, the production of cars was about 400 thousand units per year. The bulk of the vehicles produced were exported. After 2014, there was a decline in production, and after 4 years the production of passenger cars stopped and the bankruptcy process began. From September to December 2020, only about 800 cars and about 70 buses rolled off the assembly line.

Among the entire ZAZ model range, you can find the following brands:

  • ZAZ Forza;
  • ZAZ Vida;
  • ZAZ 1102 - "Tavria";
  • ZAZ 1103 - "Slavuta";
  • ZAZ Lanos;
  • ZAZ Sens.

ZAZ cars use great popularity due to its low cost. These are truly affordable vehicles.

But any car requires constant care. After all, timely maintenance and repairs extend the safe life of the vehicle.

Of course, you can ask for help from specialists at a service station. But many car owners prefer to perform these manipulations on their own. This saves not only time, but also money. And a faithful assistant when repairing or maintaining a car will be a special manual.

The book on the repair and operation of a ZAZ car contains answers to a variety of questions, such as:

  • technical characteristics of the model;
  • how to properly operate the car;
  • how to independently find a breakdown and carry out repairs;
  • how electrical equipment works, etc.

The information is presented in the most detailed and accessible way, while all of it is accompanied by illustrations with a very detailed description. Even a novice motorist who has no experience in car repair can understand everything according to these instructions.

A manual for the repair and operation of the car in PDF format will help you find the answer in any situation and anywhere. Since the format of the book allows you to always have it with you on your smartphone or tablet. And you can use it even without access to the Internet.