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Cancellation and refund

In case the client changes his mind and decides to request a refund for the purchase made on the KrutilVertel website, you can request a refund within 14 days from the date of payment.

A prerequisite for return is that the information was not downloaded from the KrutilVertel website. In the event that the information was downloaded, no refund is made.

The customer can not refuse to acquire any digital information that has already been downloaded from the KrutilVertel website.

If after downloading the technical flaws of the downloaded file were found, which do not allow you to read it, please let us know. We will replace the information, and in case of impossibility of replacement, we will return money.

To replace the information, please contact our technical support service available at.

Please note that the technical disadvantage is not the product impossibility of opening, saving or copying files on devices or using software that does not support this file format.

Only funds can be returned to the account from which payment was made. Returns to third-party accounts are not made.

Some payment methods on the KrutilVertel website do not allow you to make a refund in the same way (for example, bank transfer, terminal, communication lounge). In this case, we will offer the client any convenient way for him.

For return processing please inform us by e-mail info@krutilvertel.com. In the application, please indicate:

Return of money occurs in a manual mode after approval of the application by the technical support specialist. The period of repayment of money is up to 14 calendar days from the receipt of the application.

The return conditions can be changed unilaterally.