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MARS Car Publishing

MARS Car Publishing

Automobile publishing house "MARS" is a relatively new publishing house. It is a specialized publishing house that produces manuals for the repair and maintenance of cars.

A distinctive feature of the repair manuals of the publishing house "MARS" is the exceptional attention to detail. Each manual is written by experienced professionals and contains, in addition to recommendations and instructions, a catalog of spare parts, the most used parts of components and assemblies.

Manuals for the repair and operation of engines and car systems are designed for both amateurs and specialists and are offered to readers in electronic form. There is nothing superfluous here - all attention is focused on renovation. This allows almost all work, including rather complex operations, to be performed, even by a person who has never done self-repair of cars before.

The manuals will also be useful for experienced auto mechanics. In the reference data, you can find the tightening torques of critical threaded connections, specifications of oils and working fluids recommended for use on a given car, types of lamps used and much more.

Any manual prepared by the publisher necessarily contains detailed answers to such questions:

  • how to replace a generator in a car,
  • - how to change the fuel pump yourself,
  • - how to identify faults,
  • - how to operate a car in winter,
  • - how to replace drive belts in a car,
  • - how to change the radiator yourself,
  • - how to prepare for a trip to the service station,
  • - how to properly operate and maintain a car,
  • - and much more.

The publishing house of automotive literature "Mars" began its activity with the publication of one single instruction manual, and at the moment the company is the creator of various amateur and professional automotive manuals.

The dynamics of the development of this company allows us to hope that in the near future the market will see another strong player.

Publishing house "MARS" - technical manuals for car repair and maintenance, created on the basis of advice from car owners.