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Automotive publishing house World of Autobooks

Automotive publishing house World of Autobooks

When it comes to special books on the repair and maintenance of cars, the World of Autobooks is a true professional in their creation. Such guides are being created not only for experienced car owners, workshop masters, but also for beginners. Books from the World of Autobooks publisher will definitely find their application both at a service station and in a regular garage.

All books are presented in PDF format. This allows you to increase the useful life of the manual, since printed analogs very quickly lose their appearance and tear. By downloading the book to your mobile device (smartphone or tablet), all the information presented will always be at your fingertips, regardless of the time, place and availability of an Internet connection.

The information presented is based on many years of professional experience and is accompanied by illustrations with detailed descriptions. At the same time, everything is written as simply as possible, so anyone can understand the material.

A book on the repair and operation of a car should be in the arsenal of every car owner. After all, it is impossible to predict when this or that information may be needed. And in the manual you will find answers to such questions:

  • how to find the problem yourself and fix it;
  • how to change oil or filter;
  • how to replace brake pads;
  • how electrical equipment works;
  • what tools and measuring devices are needed;
  • how to perform maintenance, etc.

The creators of all guides ensure that the information provided is up to date. Books from the publishing house "World of Autobooks" - real master classes on the maintenance, repair and operation of vehicles.

The information you find has been verified by the car repair professionals. If you want to save money and time from a trip to the service station, then perform the manipulations yourself. And the best assistant will undoubtedly be a book on the repair and operation of a car in electronic form from the World of Autobooks publishing house.