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Automotive Publishing ZAZ

Automotive Publishing ZAZ

The printing house of the Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant publishes repair manuals on the basis of factory developments. These editions cover such popular models as Daewoo Lanos, Sens and Chance, the whole line of the Chinese manufacturer Chery, as well as JAC and TATA.

The publishing house offers books on the repair and maintenance of cars in electronic form. The development of the ZAZ CJSC publishing house is based on a constant desire to improve its own products, working on putting new ideas into practice and expanding the model range of cars.

Automobile publishing house CJSC "ZAZ" is a Ukrainian publishing house, which was created on the basis of PJSC "Zaporozhye Automobile Building Plant" (PJSC "ZAZ"). It is the only enterprise in Ukraine capable of boasting a full cycle of passenger car production, which includes stamping, welding, painting, body equipment and vehicle assembly. The enterprise has created and is constantly improving a qualitatively new modern high-tech production.

Any manual prepared by the publisher necessarily contains detailed answers to such questions:

  • how to replace a fuel filter in a car,
  • how to change the battery on the car yourself,
  • how to identify faults,
  • how to replace an air filter in a car
  • how to change the brake pads yourself,
  • how to act in emergencies,
  • what are the basic tools needed,
  • how to service the brake system,
  • and much more.

ZAZ Publishing House is a technical manual for the repair and maintenance of cars, created on the basis of advice from car owners. All the stages of the work carried out are described step by step, each action is accompanied by an illustration, a description of the main maintenance procedures and a commentary on a specific drawing.

Books on the repair and operation of cars, developed by the publishing house of automobile literature CJSC "ZAZ", are distinguished by the quality of the study of operating instructions, since there is a huge base of production specialists who, like no one else, understand the details of the competent operation of cars.