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Automotive Publishing Monolith

Automotive Publishing Monolith

Automotive publishing house "Monolit" specializes in the development and production of professional manuals for the repair and operation of cars, intended for motorists and service station specialists, as well as the publication of educational literature for novice drivers in electronic form.

A strict scientific and methodological approach, the coherence of the work of the entire team provide the operating instructions of the Monolit company with the status of a master class in the field of technical and educational literature, which is confirmed by the constantly growing demand for products, as well as numerous grateful reviews from both novice motorists and professional repairmen.

All authors of the publishing house of automotive literature "Monolith" have personal experience in the operation, maintenance and repair of their own cars, which leads to a sensible and accessible presentation of material on the pages of published manuals. Thus, car maintenance manuals are at the same time professional reference books containing the most detailed instructions for overhaul, with all the necessary specifications, and excellent manuals for novice car owners, who are sometimes called "teapots" by avid car enthusiasts with good irony. This feature favorably distinguishes the management of the Monolit company in the specialized market, providing a steadily growing interest in them from booksellers, professional repairmen and motorists of various levels of training.

Any manual prepared by the publisher necessarily contains detailed answers to such questions:

  • how to service the steering
  • how to maintain the engine cooling system,
  • how to identify faults,
  • what consumables are needed for maintenance,
  • what daily checks are needed,
  • how to act in emergencies,
  • how to check the electrical equipment of the car,
  • how to operate a car in winter,
  • and much more.

The availability of material presentation, highlighting in the text and special inserts facilitate the process of mastering the material. The publishing house "Monolith" makes every effort to ensure that training brings future drivers maximum pleasure and benefit. The most important role in the development of the publishing house is played by the painstaking work of the marketing department of the Monolit company. Thanks to her, the publishing house responds in a timely manner to updates in the automotive market and ensures the relevance of the published editions.

Monolit Publishing House - technical manuals for car repair and maintenance, based on advice from car owners.