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Automotive publishing house Motorist

Automotive publishing house Motorist

Automotive publishing house Motorist is engaged in the production and production of all kinds of professional manuals for the repair and operation of cars. Such publishers are suitable for both car enthusiasts and novice drivers, as well as for professionals in service centers and service stations. Our publications are a kind of master classes in the field of technical and educational literature.

For more convenient use, the publishing house presents a number of books on repair and maintenance in electronic form. All material is presented clearly and accessible to everyone.

Among our publications you will find:

  • parts catalogs;
  • operating instructions;
  • maintenance manuals;
  • repair manuals;
  • wiring diagrams, etc.

Moreover, the material is available in English and Russian. Thus, books on car repair and maintenance become faithful helpers and professional reference books for avid car enthusiasts. Who do not just like to travel around the city, but want to really understand all the nuances of its structure. & Nbsp;

In the books of the publishing house Motorist & nbsp; you will be able to find all the necessary specifications, and also with their help solve such problems:

  • how to replace brake pads;
  • how to replace the fuel or air filter;
  • battery replacement process;
  • independent troubleshooting;
  • necessary tools for repair and maintenance.

The team of creators of all our books carefully monitors all changes in the car market. We strive to ensure that all our publishers have only the latest and most relevant information. This will bring maximum benefit to every owner.

In our publications you will find a detailed description of all stages of work with illustrations. All of them were created by those who are truly professional in their field and who understand this or that process.

The PDF repair manual is a great solution for every car owner. Such a manual will always be at hand on your smartphone or tablet. An electronic repair manual is much more convenient and practical than a printed one.

Motorist publishes car repair books in PDF format containing repair information & nbsp; and operation of cars, based only on the vast experience of specialists and their advice.