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Automotive Publishing Avtoresurs

Automotive Publishing Avtoresurs

The automobile publishing house "Avtoresurs" is a relatively young publishing house, which, however, has already managed to establish itself on the positive side in the auto literature market.

Due to low prices, quality and a wide range (from manuals for servicing mopeds and scooters to manuals for the repair and operation of foreign and domestic cars), it was only a matter of time to break out into the forefront of production. Many books of the Avtoresurs publishing house are devoted to the maintenance of Chinese cars. Among them are such widespread models as Lifan Breeze, Geely CK and many others.

Avtoresurs is a Ukrainian publishing house that confidently adheres to the golden mean. Its products are competitive in the market and occupy their niche in the middle price category, covering the issues of repair and operation of both passenger cars and trucks of foreign and domestic production. A separate series is dedicated to motor vehicles.

Automotive literature publishing house "Avtoresurs" has been creating and publishing car books since 2008. The main direction is the preparation of repair manuals and instructions for the operation of cars of foreign and domestic production. Much attention is paid to the literature on the representatives of the domestic auto industry. Many books on repairing "Chinese" have no analogues. All products are made of high quality materials, which will allow them to serve for the benefit of any motorist for more than one year, and manuals are also issued in electronic form.

Any manual prepared by the publisher necessarily contains detailed answers to such questions:

  • how to replace a fuel filter in a car,
  • how to maintain the engine cooling system,
  • how to identify faults,
  • what consumables are needed for maintenance,
  • how to independently change the brake pads on a car,
  • how to act in emergencies,
  • what are the basic tools, measuring devices and methods of working with them,
  • how to service the brake system,
  • and much more.

In the guides, everyone will find a lot of useful and informative things for themselves. Information on repair, operation, supplemented in some brochures with catalogs of parts, will help you navigate in a difficult situation, will come to the rescue both on the road and in the garage. Also, the information provided in the manuals of the Avtoresurs publishing house can be very useful at the service station. After all, servicing a vehicle these days is not just troublesome, but also expensive. With a good car book, you will always be on top!

Avtoresurs publishing house - technical manuals for car repair and maintenance, created on the basis of advice from car owners.

Manuals for the repair, maintenance and operation of cars and motor vehicles from "Avtoresurs" invariably contain the most complete information, from the principles of operation and the device of individual mechanisms to repair methods. The operating instructions of the Avtoresurs publishing house in electronic form are well known to motorists all over the world.