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Automechanic Car Publishing

Automechanic Car Publishing

Automotive publishing house "Automechanic" - an automotive publishing house specializing in the production of manuals for the repair and maintenance of cars. The main office is located in Poland, in the city of Krakow.

These guides are intended to be a guide for self-repair and maintenance enthusiasts around the world, as well as for repair shop and service personnel. The instructions were created on the basis of many years of experience of the employees of this enterprise and organically represent the necessary information for the readers.

The automotive literature publisher Automechanic pays great attention to the creation of technical manuals. The skills of a huge number of specialists are used to make quality guides. To create a manual, the car is completely disassembled by technical specialists under the experienced gaze of a photographer who captures all the necessary moments. Then a whole team of specialists begins to create material that will ultimately help millions of people self-service their cars.

Every motorist will find in the books exactly what he needs. Each manual prepared by the publisher necessarily contains detailed answers to the following questions:

  • how to change oil in a car,
  • how to change the windscreen wipers yourself,
  • what daily checks are required
  • how to prepare for a trip to the service station,
  • how to replace a wheel
  • how to change fuses yourself,
  • what maintenance procedures are required
  • what elements are on the dashboard
  • and much more.

Automechanic Publishing House is an electronic form of technical manuals for car repair and maintenance, based on the advice of car owners.

Novice car enthusiasts will learn for themselves information on operation, useful information regarding regular maintenance from the manuals of the automobile publishing house "Automechanic", more "advanced" car owners will be able to carry out self-repairs of various difficulties with the help of the reference manual, qualified personnel of the auto repair shop use the literature as an additional reference manual.