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Repair and maintenance of GAZ cars in electronic form

The Gorky Automobile Plant, known as GAZ, is a Russian automobile manufacturer. It is also known by its old name AvtoGAZ. His cars are a symbol of the Soviet period.

The company owes its name to the city of Gorky; today the city received its original name - Nizhny Novgorod. The brand's logo is a deer, an animal depicted on the city's coat of arms.

GAZ became one of the largest automobile plants in the RSFSR. In 1929, an agreement was concluded with the American automobile manufacturer Ford, from which production facilities were imported and licenses for the first models were obtained.

The construction of the plant began in 1930, and the start of production began in 1932. In the pre-war years, mainly trucks were built, such as the 1.5-ton GAZ-AA, but also passenger cars, such as the GAZ-A or GAZ-M1 (from 1936), based on the V8-40 engine from Ford. ... During World War II, GAZ produced trucks only for the military industry.

After 1945, their own developments followed, such as the GAZ-M20 Pobeda in 1946, the luxurious GAZ-12 ZIM in 1950 and the GAZ-46 amphibious vehicle based on the GAZ-69 SUV in 1954.

In 1956, the production of the GAZ-M21 Volga began; since 1959 luxury models GAZ-13 "Chaika" and since 1977 GAZ-14 "Chaika" have been produced.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the company became the sales leader with the GAZel auto transporter, which GAZ developed itself. The first copies appeared on the streets of Russia in the mid-1990s, and in 2007 the original GAZelle and more and more new models on this platform occupied an approximate market share of 30-50%.

The GAZelle is equipped with a modified 4-cylinder gasoline engine from the latest Volga models, which gives the car an uneconomically high fuel consumption - 15–20 l / 100 km. In addition, a turbo diesel (Magna Steyr) with a working volume of 2.1 liters is offered, sometimes GAZelles equipped with Western turbodiesel engines appear on the Russian market.

The truck and bus industry enjoys a good reputation, especially in terms of durability and reliability, which is not the case for passenger cars.

GAZ was focused on the production of middle-class cars, because in the USSR, and then in Russia, there were already prestigious manufacturers, such as the manufacturer of limousines ZIL. GAZ cars are larger in size and power than other Soviet cars, but its limousines are less prestigious than ZILs.

In particular, he produced the famous Volga, a Soviet nomenklatura car named after the river in Gorky, and a Sobol van and a van sold in many forms.

Almost every GAZ car owner has to make a choice : repair his car in a service station or do it yourself. The first option is not always suitable for everyone, since it is a rather expensive event. Sometimes you have to rely only on your strength, technical literature, videos on the Internet on repair topics and advice from a familiar car repair specialist, if any.

On our website you can buy and download books on the repair and operation of GAZ vehicles of various models. This literature will help you make repairs yourself and understand the basic principles of troubleshooting:

  • how to disassemble a faulty mechanism;
  • how to discard worn parts;
  • how to assemble the device after repair;
  • how to make the necessary adjustments.

Remember, starting a car repair, you need to clearly assess your strength and have at hand special literature, where you can find all the recommended values ​​for adjustments.