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Scania AB is a Swedish manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses and diesel engines, owned by the Volkswagen Group, located in Södertälje, Sweden.

The name Scania comes from the district of the same name in the south of Sweden, where its history began. The province's emblem is a griffin, a fantastic creature, half eagle, half lion.

The business card of the company is a red griffin (the coat of arms of the Scania region) on a blue background. The griffin is a fantastic creature, half eagle, half lion.

The company was founded in 1900 under the name Maskinfabriks AB Scania in Malmö in southern Sweden. In 1911 Scania merges with another car and truck manufacturer Vagnsfabriks Aktiebolaget i Södertälje (VABIS) to form AB Scania-Vabis.

The company designs, manufactures and markets trucks and buses suitable for long journeys, local and regional transport of goods, and construction.

Scania currently manufactures heavy trucks (over 16 tonnes) and heavy buses (over 12 tonnes) and is the third largest brand in the world in these two segments. The company exports its trucks and buses to more than 70 countries around the world.

Throughout its history, Scania has placed great emphasis on new technologies, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Scania's range of buses uses bus chassis suitable for tourist as well as urban, suburban and international transport:

  • Series K - a new line of city and intercity buses with longitudinal-rear engine, complying with the European standard Euro 5;
  • Series N - a new range of city buses with Euro 4 engines:
  • OmniLink (SK series) - city bus with longitudinal engine arrangement;
  • OmniCity (CN Series) - Transverse-engine, rear-engine city bus;
  • OmniExpress (LK series) - intercity bus.

Scania tractor units are considered to be very robust and can adapt to different climatic conditions around the world.

Today's production is divided into four vehicle tiers:

  • P Series - trucks designed for local and regional transport, construction and various operations;
  • G Series - this series of trucks can be configured for a variety of applications, from long haul and distribution operations to the toughest off-road jobs;
  • R-Series - Trucks combine the performance of a V8 with exceptional comfort and equipment, ideal for long haul haul and tight work schedules;
  • The S Series is a long-haul truck with a luxurious interior, flat floor, extended storage options and exceptional visibility from the driver's seat.

The range of engines ranges from 6-cylinder series to powerful 8-cylinders (520-580-650-730 hp). According to Scania, since 2016 the new driver's cabs have the same level of quality, comfort and materials as the premium cars.

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