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MAN SE (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg, Societas Europaea), formerly MAN AG, is an industrial equipment and vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Munich. Companies in the MAN group produce trucks, buses, diesel engines and turbomachines. The group operates factories in France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, India and China. One of the main factories for the production of diesel engines is located in Saint-Nazaire.

In July 2011, the main shareholder of MAN is Volkswagen, which owns 53.7% of the capital. In 2017, the Volkswagen Group owns 75.73% of MAN.

Since the acquisition of Büssing Automobilwerke, MAN vehicles have featured their heraldic animal in the form of a stylized Braunschweig lion in the logo.

The company, which celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2008, has the production of TG trucks such as MAN TGA, MAN TGM and MAN TGL, as well as long-distance vehicles such as MAN TGS and MAN TGX. MAN production buses are widespread throughout Europe, with models such as 603, Lion's City and NL202.

On our website you can buy and download books in electronic form on repair with catalogs of MAN trucks of the following series:

  • MAN F90;
  • MAN F2000;
  • MAN TGA.

In 1986, the F 90 series appeared, replacing the previous F 9 series. The F-90 cab, which this time officially gave the series name, was completely redesigned, while the design is largely based on the design of its predecessor. The most noticeable feature is the indicators, which are slightly deeper into the bumper. Various models were introduced gradually until 1988. All F-90 models received new generation engines that have been improved over their predecessor. The top engine now had 460 hp, which MAN initially provided the maximum power of European road trucks, and then increased the power to 500 hp.

Since 1994, the heavy F 90 series has been replaced by the F 2000 series (recognizable, for example, by the modified - now four separate - headlights, a new front apron and a new muffler). It was the heaviest long-haul vehicle in the company's range. The model received the most votes in the annual International Truck of the Year in 1995.

The heavy model, which belongs to the company's truck line, has been abbreviated as TGA since 2000 and features M, L, LX, XL and XXL cabins, which in turn indicate the size of the driver's cab. In 2006, the driver's cab was also introduced under the name XLX. The model height of this cab corresponds to the LX version and the width to the XXL version. In February 2007, ESP systems and D26 engines were supplied to the TGA series.