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Repair and service Foton cars in the eBook

The automotive market does not stand still and every year the number of models on the road increases. At the same time, preference is not always given to well-known brands. The new models are no worse, and sometimes even better in performance than their well-known counterparts. In addition, very often new, as yet unknown brands, are much cheaper. This allows such cars to quickly find their consumer.

Foton is a relatively young car brand. It is a Chinese car manufacturer whose history dates back to 1996. At this time, a trade mark was registered in Beijing, the full name of which Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. Two years later, the company's shares were listed on the stock market, and by 1999 the new brand received the title of “King of Light Trucks”.

The brand is owned by BAIC.

The first representatives of the Foton brand were trucks, which were copies of Japanese and Korean trucks. However, they were much cheaper. Thus, the demand for such trucks grew and the company received large profits. After gaining a foothold in the domestic market, the company launched production of passenger cars.

Foton has partnerships with companies such as Daimler AG and Cummins. And in its trucks, the company uses Mercedes-Benz technology. As for passenger cars, under the hood you can find engines from Nissan, Isuzu and Cummins, which are distinguished by their reliability.

Automotive manufacturer Foton has been the largest supplier of commercial vehicles in China for the past 13 years. And more and more models can be found on the roads around the world.

Today, some of the most popular models are:

  • FOTON Ollin;
  • FOTON Auman;
  • FOTON  BJ3251.

Despite the fact that the delirium is relatively young and, therefore, the cars produced are not so many years old, the owners are faced with the need for repair and maintenance.

Every car owner should understand his vehicle, know how to identify the problem, and how to fix it on his own. It is for these purposes that it is better to purchase a book on car repair and operation. In one of these guides, you will find information such as:

  • vehicle operation;
  • spare parts catalog;
  • how to perform vehicle maintenance, etc.

All information is based on the experience of the craftsmen with just such cars. It is presented in an accessible language and is accompanied by illustrations with detailed descriptions. In the guides you can find answers to all questions, and the electronic format allows you to download the book to a tablet or smartphone and always have it at hand.

Having a book on how to repair and operate a car will allow you to avoid visiting a service station, and thereby save time and money.