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Information on repair and maintenance of Renault Logan cars electronically

Renault Logan is one of the representatives of the model range from the well-known Renault company. The Logan is a budget subcompact car designed specifically for emerging markets. The main production facilities are located in Romania at the Dacia plant. Renault has owned them since 1999.

The representative of the first generation Renault Logan was presented to the world in a sedan body in 2004. During the same period, cars began to be mass-produced in Romania. A year later, the assembly was also carried out in Moscow, and in the spring of 2007 Renault Logan began a joint project with the Indian company Mahindra & amp; Mahindra. The vehicle is based on the B0 platform.

In 2012, the second generation of the Renault Logan was presented in Paris. In the Turkish market, the model is known under a different name: Renault Symbol.

Representatives of the second generation received an updated exterior and interior. Cars were equipped with a new front suspension with a shock absorber strut and a MacPherson spring. As for the rear suspension, it is a twisting beam with separately mounted springs and double-acting telescopic gas-filled shock absorbers.

The new Renault Logan received a fairly large trunk, the volume of which is 510 liters, and if the rear seats are folded, the volume will increase.

In 2013, the model won the Car of the Year title. Vehicle safety was tested by EuroNCAP in 2014.

At the end of 2018, Renault Logan was updated and the car received a new off-road version of the Stepway. On this version, other bumpers and increased ground clearance are installed. In addition, Stepway also has an urban version with a variator. The main competitor of this car can rightfully be considered LADA Vesta Cross.

Renault Logan has different names based on the specifics of the market. So one and the same vehicle can be produced under the brands: Dacia, Renault and Nissan.

Car maintenance, including Renault Logan, undoubtedly requires basic skills and certain information. Skills are experience, but the information you need is a dedicated repair and maintenance manual. It is in it that you can find answers to the most common questions related to the vehicle, namely:

  • how to operate a car in winter;
  • how to carry out maintenance and repairs yourself;
  • what tools and measuring devices are needed to maintain a car;
  • how to find the problem;
  • how to repair the engine, etc.

The book on repair and operation of Renault Logan car in PDF format is an indispensable attribute for every car owner. Having the book on your smartphone or tablet, you will always have all the information at hand, regardless of whether you have an Internet connection. And if necessary, you can easily print the necessary information.