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Repair and service International cars in the eBook

The North American bus and truck manufacturer Navistar International is part of the former International Harvester, which went bankrupt in 1984 and was sold out.

The first International truck model was the Traction Truck, which was used mainly in agriculture. At that time, Harvester produced not only tractors and trucks, but also pickups and SUVs under the same brand.

The bus, produced in 1939, became the visiting card of the IH company. He was a symbol of the informal community "Merry Pranksters", which painted him in special graffiti. Participants used the bus to travel throughout the United States.

Navistar International continued to manufacture trucks and buses, and every year they showed only an increase in sales. Under the International brand, they produced school buses, medium, heavy and extra-heavy trucks. And in 2007, the US armed forces signed a contract for the supply of International MaxxPro armored vehicles.

Navistar was one of the top 500 largest enterprises in the country, but after the severance of relations with auditors, a scandal occurred, NI was excluded from the register and the company lost the ability to trade on the New York stock exchange, which would seem impossible given the company's turnover of $ 12 billion.

The International 9700 series vehicles became popular among the tractors. The models were equipped with Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines, with a displacement of 11 liters and a power of 365 horsepower. The development of the next model 9800, based on the American 9700 tractor, involved the best specialists, dealers and drivers, whose wishes were taken into account by the engineers, which helped to modernize this model. The improvement was not limited to the cab of the truck. In the model range, diesel engines were installed with a volume of 11 to 14 liters. Their power ranged from 280 to 435 horsepower. Such tracks worked mainly in tandem with a manual transmission, where there were 9-13 speeds. But they also produced models with "robots", everything was quite individual.

The formidable "American" International 9800 was one of the last classic US tractors. This machine has been tested over the years and has established itself as the most reliable and unpretentious device. But even the highest quality car requires maintenance, and maybe repair. Ideally, if the truck driver understands the car and knows:

  • how to diagnose;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how to troubleshoot;
  • how to repair a tractor gearbox.

Diagnostics, repair or replacement of parts requires certain knowledge and understanding of how the car works. The book on repair of tractors and trucks International in PDF format will be useful to its owner. The book presents the design of cars according to your model and modification, the main characteristics of the parameters and illustrations with a detailed description for various repair work. The information is presented in simple and accessible language, based on the experience of professionals and specialists. The manual can be downloaded to your gadget and always at hand. In it you will surely find the answer to any question that interests you.