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Instructions for use and maintenance

  • Vehicle operation
  • Car service

Technical data


  • Technical characteristics of chassis assemblies
  • Brake system
  • Suspension and wheel adjustment
  • Assembly, disassembly and adjustment of the steering system

Electrical equipment

Engine management system

  • General description of the engine management system
  • Elements of the engine management system


  • Engine SQR477F
  • Removal and installation of the power unit
  • Removing the cylinder head assembly


  • Installing clutch discs
  • Install the clutch slave cylinder

Manual transmission

  • Manual transmission (MCP) options
  • INC device
  • Tightening torques for threaded connections

Parts Catalog

  • Directory usage
  • Parts catalog
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Explanation of illustrations, ground points, wiring harnesses, fuse blocks and relays, wiring diagrams ZAZ Forza / Chery Bonus / A13 / Very / Fulwin 2

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