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Instruction manual

  • Driver's seat
  • Doors and windows
  • Light and visibility
  • Seats and salon equipment
  • Microclimate
  • Vehicle controls


  • Safety first!
  • Introduction

Repair carried out in road conditions

  • Starting an engine that does not start the first time
  • Starting the engine from an additional battery
  • Wheel replacement
  • Determination of the source of leakage of lubricating and operating fluids
  • Towing

Weekly review

  • Introduction
  • Check points in the engine compartment
  • Checking the engine oil level
  • Checking the coolant level
  • Checking the level of the brake fluid (and the fluid of the hydraulic clutch system)
  • Inspection and testing of tire pressure
  • Checking the fluid level in the windscreen washer reservoir
  • Battery maintenance
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment
  • Inspection of wiper blades
  • Fuels and lubricants and operating fluids
  • Tire pressure


  • Performing routine care and maintenance
    • Gasoline cars
      • Maintenance specifications
      • Maintenance schedule
      • Service procedures
    • Diesel cars
      • Maintenance specifications
      • Maintenance schedule
      • Service procedures
    • Carrying out of average and major repairs of the engine
      • Repair of gasoline engines with a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) without removing from the engine compartment
      • Repair of upper valve petrol engines with two overhead camshafts (DOHC) without removing from the engine compartment
      • Repair of diesel engines without removal from the engine compartment
      • Engine removal and overhaul
    • The engine and its systems
      • Engine cooling systems, as well as heating and air conditioning
      • Fuel system of petrol engines
      • Fuel system of diesel engines
      • Exhaust emission control system and exhaust system - gasoline engines
      • Exhaust emission control system and exhaust system - diesel engines
      • Starting and charging systems
      • Ignition system - gasoline engines
      • Diesel engine preheating system
    • Transmission
      • Clutch
      • Manual transmission
      • Automatic transmission
      • Drive shafts
    • Brakes, suspension and steering
      • Brake system
      • Suspension and steering
    • Body equipment


  • Dimensions and weight
  • Conversion factors
  • Purchase of spare parts
  • Vehicle identification
  • Repair - general provisions
  • Lifting and installing the car on the supports
  • Disconnecting the battery
  • Tools and accessories
  • Technical condition check
  • Determining the causes of malfunctions
  • Dictionary of technical terms
  • Subject index
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Replacing of the air filter in the gasoline engine 1,6 l (F16D4) (for use on the VW Golf 4 model)

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