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Operation and maintenance manual

  • General information about the bus
  • Instrument panel and controls
  • Bus equipment
  • Actions in cases of bus failure during the trip
  • Preventing corrosion and caring for the appearance of the bus
  • Maintenance
  • Self-service

Mechanical part of the engine

  • General information
  • Service order
  • Cylinder head and valve mechanism
  • Handwheel and rear cover of the cylinder block
  • The camshaft and camshaft drive
  • Block of cylinders and main moving parts

Power system

  • General information
  • High pressure fuel pump
  • Booster pump
  • Fuel injector
  • Fuel filter
  • Water separator
  • Fuel tank

Cooling system

  • General information
  • Cooling fan
  • Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Radiator

Lubrication system

  • General information
  • Service order
  • Oil pump, oil filter and strainer
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Oil cooler

The intake and exhaust system

  • General information
  • Service order
  • Intake manifold
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust system

Engine management system

  • General information
  • Engine management system

Engine electrical equipment

  • General information
  • Starter
  • Alternator alternator
  • Vacuum pump
  • Preheating system


  • General information
  • Checking the technical condition without removing the components from the car
  • Clutch release actuator
  • Master cylinder
  • Working cylinder
  • Clutch cover and disk


  • General information
  • Mechanical transmission
  • Transmission
  • Secondary shaft
  • Lower gear housing
  • Top gearbox housing

Cardan shaft and bridge

  • General information
  • Adjustment
  • Cardan shaft
  • Front axle
  • Adjustment of camber-toe of wheels
  • Rear axle


  • General information
  • Front suspension
  • Rear suspension


  • General information
  • Adjustment
  • Steering column and steering shaft
  • Steering gear
  • Longitudinal tie rod
  • Cross-section steering rod
  • Power steering gear
  • Power steering pump

Brake system

  • General information
  • Check of a condition and adjustment without removal of units from the car
  • Hydraulic brake system with vacuum booster
  • Brake pedal
  • Master cylinder
  • Brake pressure regulator for rear wheels
  • Front wheel brakes
  • Rear wheel brakes
  • Parking brake


  • General information
  • Front door
  • Folding door
  • Drive of a folding door
  • Sliding door
  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper
  • Rear luggage compartment door
  • Dashboard
  • Windshield
  • Driver's seat

Air conditioning system

  • General information
  • Inspection without dismantling
  • Heater and air conditioning control
  • Fan
  • Heater
  • Rear heater
  • Preheater
  • Air conditioning
  • Compressor
  • Condenser fan and motor
  • Drain catcher
  • Evaporator unit

Electrical equipment of a car

  • General information
  • Multifunctional switch
  • Windscreen wiper / washer
  • Lighting
  • Beeps
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Battery
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Clutch release actuator Hyundai County / Bogdan A-069 with 1998

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