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Actions in emergency situations

  • Engine does not start
  • Spare wheel replacement
  • Low engine oil pressure
  • Towing a car

Daily checks and troubleshooting

Operation and maintenance

  • General information
  • Controls
  • Before you start moving
  • Maintenance of body and interior
  • Maintenance
  • Technical data

Precautions and safety rules when working on a car

Basic tools, measuring instruments and methods of working with them

  • Basic set of necessary tools
  • Methods of working with measuring devices

Mechanical part of the engine

  • Technical operations
  • Engine assembly
  • Replacing drive belts
  • Engine mechanical
  • Adjusting the valve clearance
  • Cylinder assembly
  • Oil pump oil seal replacement
  • Replacement of the crankshaft rear oil seal
  • Spare parts catalog

Cooling system

  • General information
  • Replacing the radiator
  • Replacing the water pump
  • Replacement of thermostat
  • Cooling fluids
  • Spare parts catalog

Lubrication system

  • Technical operations on a car
  • Replacing the oil pressure sensor
  • Replacing the oil pan
  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Spare parts catalog

Power system

  • Checking the fuel pump
  • Fuel pressure check
  • Replacing the fuel pump
  • Fuel injector
  • System for reducing toxicity
  • Replacement of the adsorber (activated charcoal filter)
  • Crankcase ventilation system
  • Spare parts catalog

Engine management system

  • General information
  • Checking controls
  • System diagnostics
  • Accelerator pedal assembly
  • Spare parts catalog

The intake and exhaust system

  • General information
  • Throttle body
  • Replacement of the exhaust system
  • Spare parts catalog

Engine electrical equipment

  • General information
  • Ignition system
  • Starting system
  • Battery
  • Charge system
  • Spare parts catalog


  • General information
  • Coupling
  • Clutch pedal
  • Service data and specification
  • Spare parts catalog


  • Manual transmission
  • Automatic transmission
  • Transmission control mechanism
  • Spare parts catalog

Power shafts

  • General information
  • Front drive shaft
  • Front wheel hub
  • Rear wheel hub and bearing assembly
  • Spare parts catalog


  • General information
  • Front suspension
  • Rear suspension
  • Wheels
  • Spare parts catalog

Brake system

  • General information
  • Brake pedal
  • Vacuum amplifier
  • Master cylinder
  • Front brake disc
  • Rear brake drum
  • Parking brake
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Spare parts catalog


  • General information
  • Steering mechanism
  • Steering connections
  • Power steering system
  • Spare parts catalog


  • General information
  • Windscreen
  • Electric sunroof
  • Armchairs in assembly
  • Dashboard
  • Interior side panel lining
  • Ceiling lining
  • Interior front door panel
  • Rear door interior panel
  • Front bumper
  • Rear bumper
  • External rearview mirrors with electric drive
  • Body structure
  • Spare parts catalog

Passive safety system

  • General information
  • Airbag modules, contact disk
  • Highlights of airbag module disposal
  • Seat belts with pretensioning mechanism
  • Spare parts catalog

Air conditioning system

  • General information
  • Diagnosis of air conditioning failures
  • Air conditioning control mechanism
  • Heater and air conditioner
  • Arrangement of the air conditioning ducts
  • Compressor drive belt
  • Compressor
  • Condenser fan motor and condenser
  • Spare parts catalog

Electroschemes and connectors

  • General information
  • Combined instrument cluster
  • Windshield wiper and washer system
  • Lighting system
  • Audio system
  • Radar system
  • The device of the central blocking of door locks
  • Windows with a glass servo drive
  • Spare parts catalog
  • Electroschemes

Explanatory dictionary

  • Abbreviations
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