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  • Actions in emergency situations
    • Wheel replacement
    • Engine overheating actions
    • Starting the engine from an additional power source
    • Fuses
    • Emergency pressure drop in the engine lubrication system
    • Turning on the battery alarm indicator
    • Enabling the engine malfunction indicator
    • Turn on the malfunction indicator brake system / parking brake switch
  • Daily checks and troubleshooting
  • Operation of the car in winter
  • Trip to the RST
  • Operation and maintenance manual
    • Technical information
    • Controls, dashboard and interior equipment
    • Caring for a car
    • Car maintenance
    • Fuels and lubricants
  • Precautions and safety rules when working on a car
  • Basic instruments, measuring instruments and methods of working with them
    • Basic set of necessary tools Methods of working with measuring instruments

The engine and its systems

  • Mechanical part of the engine
    • General information
    • Car service
    • Cylinder head
    • Removing and installing engine
    • Engine disassembly
    • Drive of the gas-distributing mechanism
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Cooling system
    • General information
    • Replacing coolant
    • Removing and installing surge tank
    • Removing and installing thermostat
    • Removing and installing coolant pump
    • Removing and installing radiator
    • Removing and installing fan assembly
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Lubrication system
    • General information
    • Replacement of engine oil and filter
    • Removing and installing oil pan (replacing gasket for oil pan)
    • Removing and installing oil collector
    • Oil pump
    • Oil pressure switch
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Supply system
    • General information
    • Pressure relief in the power system
    • Replacing the fuel filter
    • Fuel module
    • Removing and installing fuel tank
    • Fuel rail assembly with injectors
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Ignition and engine management system
    • General information
    • Removing and installing engine control unit
    • Removing and installing throttle assembly
    • Removing and installing ignition module
    • Removing and installing spark plugs
    • Sensors of the control system (technical condition check and replacement)
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Inlet and exhaust systems
    • General information
    • Intake manifold
    • Release system
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Engine electrical equipment
    • General information
    • Generator
    • Starter
    • Battery
    • Appendix to chapter


  • Transmission
    • General information
    • Clutch
    • Transmission
    • Drive shafts
    • Appendix to chapter


  • Chassis
    • General information
    • Front suspension
    • Rear suspension
    • Adjusting the corners of the installation to the forest
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Steering
    • General information
    • Car service
    • Steering wheel
    • Steering gear
    • Steering links
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Brake system
    • General information
    • Car service
    • Components of the braking system
    • Front wheel brakes
    • Rear wheel brakes
    • Parking brake
    • Appendix to chapter


  • General information
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Body dimensions


  • Gas balloon equipment
    • General information
    • Gas reducer

Electrical equipment

  • Electric equipment of the car
    • Headlights, lights and lamps
    • Switches
    • Beep
    • Wiper trapeze
    • Audio system
    • Appendix to chapter
  • Trouble codes
  • Electroschemes
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