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Part 1. Operation manual

Safety requirements and warnings

Technical specification

Instrumentation, control mechanisms

  • Technical characteristics of cars
  • Technical characteristics of power units
  • General information
    • Dashboard and controls

      The device and the operation of the main components of the car

      • License plates, keys and ignition switch
      • Brake system
      • Fuel tank
      • Door locks, hood and trunk lid
      • Mirrors, windows and watches
      • Cigarette lighter and ashtrays
      • Horn switch and interior light
      • Cup holder, sun visors, storage box, handrail
      • Ventilation and heating in the cabin
      • Seats, head restraints and seat belts

      Running in a car

      Features of operation of the vehicle

      • Body care paintwork
      • Control inspection of the car, preparing for the movement
      • Engine Start
      • Gear shift
      • Brake system and car parking
      • Towing a car
      • Recommendations for the economical operation of the car

      Vehicle maintenance

      • Vehicle maintenance
      • Lubrication
      • Engine systems
      • Transmission
      • Brakes
      • Steering
      • Wheels and tires
      • Windscreen wiper and windscreen washer
      • Electrical equipment of the vehicle
      • Car care

      Transportation and storage

      • Transportation and storage
      • Long-term car storage expert advice

      Warranty for the car

      Technical specifications

      • Fuel and fluids and torques for threaded connections
      • Rolling bearings
      • Lip seals
      • Additional information on the car T13010

      Part 2. Owner reviews

      General information

      • General vehicle information and specifications


      • General information
      • Engines
      • System of regulation of idling
      • About the timely replacement of the belt and not only (tips of owners)
      • Replacing camshaft position sensor (owner tips)

      Lubrication system

      • Description of the lubrication system
      • Engine oil (expert advice)
      • Recommended types of oils
      • Removing and installing sump
      • Removal and installation of the oil pump

      Cooling system

      • System description
      • Antifreeze classification
      • Coolant replacement
      • Removing and installing thermostat
      • Removing and installing coolant pump
      • Removing and installing electric fan (main, optional)
      • Removing and installing expansion tank
      • Removing and installing radiator
      • Removing and installing coolant temperature sensor
      • Malfunctions of the cooling system and ways to eliminate them

      Air conditioning and ventilation

      • The design and operation of automotive air conditioning (expert advice)
      • Air Conditioning Diagnosis
      • Installing cabin filter (owner tips)

      Fuel system

      • Fuel supply system
      • Fuel pressure regulator
      • Fuel injector and fuel filter
      • Air supply system
      • Useful tips for installing HBO

      Exhaust system

      • System description
      • Removal and installation of the exhaust pipe
      • Removal and installation of the catalytic converter (connecting pipe)
      • Removing and installing muffler
      • Repair of the exhaust system (owners advice)


      • Description
      • Check of correctness of the relative position of the steering parts
      • Steering malfunctions, ways to eliminate them
      • Steering rack problem (owner tips)

      Body and interior

      • Form and functionality
      • Vehicle identification number
      • Daewoo Lanos anti-corrosion treatment
      • Car body and interior care (expert advice)
      • Useful tips when choosing a car (expert advice)
      • How to prepare the car for the winter (expert advice)

      Chassis and suspension

      • Description
      • Wheels and tires
      • Chassis malfunctions and ways to eliminate them
      • Replacing standard shock absorbers with sports (expert advice)
      • Increased ground clearance (owner tips)


      • General information
      • Clutch (when using a manual transmission)
      • Manual transmission
      • Possible malfunctions of the transmission, main gear and differential
      • Automatic transmission
      • Oil change

      Brake system

      • Description of brake systems
      • Brake master cylinder
      • Brake mechanisms
      • Parking brake
      • Brake system malfunctions, ways to eliminate them
      • Replacing the front shoes (owner tips)
      • Rear brake pad replacement algorithm (owner tips)
      • Replacing brake calipers from OPEL KADETT, and brake discs from VECTRA (owner tips)

      ABS anti-lock system


      • Seat belts
      • Airbag system
      • Selecting an alarm (expert advice)

      Electrical equipment


      • What is tuning and tuning possibilities
      • Change the acoustics (expert advice)
      • Parking devices (expert advice)
      • Selection of automotive headlights (owner tips)
      • Electric lock trunk (owners tips)
      • Replacing the staff horn (owners' tips)
      • Making heated mirrors (owners tips)
      • Installing Opel Vectra (Owners' Advice) on Lanos
      • Installation of additional devices

      Part 3. Appendix

      • Recommended fuels and lubricants and fluids for Lanos
      • Some data for adjustments and control of the Lanos car
      • Recommended lubricants and fluids for Sens
      • Recommended tightening torque for threaded connections
      • Rolling bearings
      • Lamp specifications
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