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VAZ (abbreviation Volzhsky Automobile Plant) is a Russian car manufacturer, originally called VAZ, and since 1993 it has received its current name AvtoVAZ. AvtoVAZ also produces cars under the Lada brand.

In 1967, the construction of the first workshops of the Volzhsky Automobile Plant began, and already in 1969, training began for the employees of the plant, designed by Fiat Engineering.

The first test car was assembled in 1969, and on April 19, 1970, the first six VAZ-2101 Zhiguli cars were produced on the main conveyor. This model is similar in appearance to the Fiat 124, but with significant changes in accordance with the Soviet roads and climate.

This is a car of classic design: the rear power plant, the engine located longitudinally in front. This affordable, very durable and versatile vehicle enjoyed great success in the Soviet Union and had some export success, earning the nickname “kopeck” for its price tag.

The name "Zhiguli" comes from the many hills bordering the Volga, not far from the AvtoVAZ plant in Togliatti. This massif of hills rises to 375 meters and stretches for 75 km.

AvtoVAZ produced various versions of the Zhiguli:

  • VAZ-2101 Zhiguli is the very first car built by AvtoVAZ, on the basis of which all other cars of the brand (up to brand 2107) were built, produced until 1988;
  • VAZ-2102 Zhiguli - a universal version of the VAZ-2101, built on the basis of the latter, was produced from 1971 to 1986 in various versions of the VAZ-2102, VAZ-21021 and VAZ-21023;
  • VAZ-2103 Zhiguli - 4-door sedan, produced in various versions, VAZ-2103, VAZ-21031, VAZ-21032, VAZ-21033, VAZ-21034 and 2 VAZ-1035, from 1973 to 1984;
  • VAZ-2104 Zhiguli - a universal version of the VAZ-2105, replaces the VAZ-2102 in the line, was produced in various versions of the VAZ-2104, VAZ-21043, VAZ-21044, VAZ-21045 and VAZ-21047 from 1982 to 2009, then again from September 2010;
  • VAZ-2105 Zhiguli - a four-door sedan built by AvtoVAZ in various versions, VAZ-2105, VAZ-21051, VAZ-21053, VAZ-21054 and VAZ-21059, from 1979 to 2010;
  • VAZ-2106 Zhiguli - a sedan built on the VAZ-2101 platform, produced in different versions, VAZ-2106, VAZ-21061, VAZ-21063, VAZ-21064 and VAZ-21065, from 1975 to December 2005, initially it was a little more luxury version of VAZ-2103;
  • VAZ-2107 Zhiguli is a four-door sedan, since its launch in 1982 it has been produced in various versions VAZ-2107, VAZ-21072, VAZ-21074, VAZ-21073, VAZ-21079, with a circulation of several million copies, its production ceased in April 2012 year.

If the VAZ-2101, VAZ-2102 and VAZ-2103 models have not been produced for a long time, then the production of the VAZ-2106 did not stop until 2005, the VAZ-2104 was produced until 2009. The production of VAZ-2105 and VAZ-2107 at the Togliatti plant gradually ceased since 2012.

After an unsuccessful search for closer industrial and financial cooperation with Fiat, which ultimately chose a partnership with GAZ, AvtoVAZ turned to General Motors for help in the development and production of the second generation of the Niva all-terrain vehicle sold under the Chevrolet brand in Russia.

For domestic consumption, cars were produced under the Zhiguli brand, and the Lada brand was used for export vehicles.

AvtoVAZ vehicles exported to the communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe were first exported under the Soviet name Zhiguli, but later the Lada brand was used.

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