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Information on repair and maintenance of scooters in electronic form

Recently, more and more often you can find mopedists and scooters on the roads. Some use them as a vehicle to move, and some just like to drive at speed and throw out their adrenaline.

A moped is a vehicle that is equipped with an engine up to 50 cc, and is capable of accelerating to a speed of no more than 50 km / h. A moped differs from a motorcycle not only in its speed, but also in its demand. And they are much cheaper and consume less fuel.

A scooter or scooter is a type of light motorcycle that differs in a platform for the driver's feet and the location of the engine in the back, under the seat. The first manufacturer was the Italian company Piaggio, and the first model developed was the Vespa. Scooters are quite popular as a personal mode of transport, as they are relatively cheap in price, easy to operate, convenient in parking and maneuverability.

ATVs are formally considered cars because they have four wheels. The main manufacturing companies around the world are BRP, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Polaris, and others. Distinguish between stunt and utility ATVs. The latter are much heavier and are used as all-terrain vehicles, the maximum speed is up to 90 km / h. And stunt ones are used for jumping and in fast riding competitions, the platform is narrower and lighter. They are capable of accelerating to 137 km / h.

One of the popular sports bikes was the Yamaha YZF 750R, and its modification for the YZF 750SP tracks. It is based on a four-cylinder engine with a volume of 0.75 liters and a capacity of 125 horsepower. The model features steel: Deltabox frame, six-speed gearbox, and a 19 liter tank. In 1995, the model received the title of motorcycle of the year, and already in 1998 the last motorcycle produced came off the assembly line. Fuel consumption was approximately 6.6 liters per 100 km.

Baltmotors ATVs were reliable and high quality vehicles used for recreation and sports. The model range is wide enough, and differs from each other not only in design characteristics, but also in technical parameters. The brand was founded back in 2004, and since that time has become the largest manufacturer of motor vehicles in the country. Baltmotors ATV models are equipped with a four-stroke engine, which is distinguished by a liquid cooling system. Baltmotors ATV 500 is an all-wheel drive ATV equipped with a Hisun engine with a volume of 0.47 liters. The main advantages are: speed, cross-country ability, safety, quality of parts and warranty. Fuel consumption per 100 km is approximately 11 liters, and the maximum speed that an ATV can reach is 80 km / h.

Motorcycles, quads and scooters, as well as regular vehicles, need to be repaired periodically. The main questions that concern owners the most are:

  • how to change oils;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • electrical equipment of the motorcycle.

In order to quickly and efficiently carry out diagnostics, and then repair yourself, you need a manual for the repair of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, in electronic form. The repair book on our website, in PDF format, has detailed information about the structure of equipment, with detailed instructions and illustrations. The guide is the experience of professionals, it is presented quite simply and easily. Download the book to your smartphone and you will always have the necessary information at your fingertips.