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Repair and service Porsche cars in the eBook

PORSCHE is one of the German car brands associated with luxury. The company appeared back in 1931. The main production facilities are located in Germany, in Stuttgart.

The manufacturer is engaged in the production of luxury sports cars and SUVs. And it cooperates quite closely with Volkswagen. She owns 49.9% of the shares. However, the majority stake belongs to Porche itself.

The first car was produced by the company in 1939. It was a Porsche 64. And it was he who became the “father” of all subsequent cars of this brand.

During World War II, Porsche produced military products, and its founder, Ferdinand Porsche, was involved in the development of German tanks. And in 1945 he was arrested and spent almost 2 years in prison.

Then the son decided to start producing his own cars. And together with friends the prototype of the Porsche 356 was assembled. In 1948 it was certified for public roads. This car, like the first Porsche, used elements from Volkswagen Käfer, including a 4-cylinder engine, suspension and gearbox. But there was one very fundamental difference. The engine was on the rear axle. This allowed two additional locations to be accommodated and also reduced production costs.

A couple of years later, a new Porsche 695. However, the design quickly became outdated and already in 1963 the Porsche 911 rolled off the assembly line. It was a modern sports car, but possessed the classic lines from the 356th. At first, only 2-liter engines were installed under the hood.

During its history, the company has released a large number of models. But the really famous was the Porsche Cayenne, which was launched in 2002. This is a modern German sports crossover.

However, the Cayenne is not just one car, but a series featuring models such as:

  • Porsche Cayenne;
  • Porsche Cayenne GTS;
  • Porsche Cayenne S / S Transsyberia;
  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo / Turbo S.

Owners of any vehicle, including one of the Porsche cars, understand the importance of timely maintenance. This allows us to make the operation of the car as safe as possible, and also reduces the likelihood of global breakdown. However, no one is insured against repairs.

In order to properly carry out the maintenance of the car, and even more so its repair, you must have at least some basic knowledge of the vehicle. But without the help of special literature, it is quite difficult to independently perform various manipulations. Therefore, it is better that each owner has a book on the repair and operation of the car. And it is desirable that it be in electronic format. It's much more practical and convenient.

In such a book, the car owner will find very important and useful information, namely:

  • technical characteristics of the model;
  • what tools are needed to service the car;
  • what to do in an emergency;
  • how electrical equipment works;
  • how to identify the problem;
  • how to independently repair the chassis, brake system, gearbox, etc.

All information is presented in the most detailed and simple way. And even if you have not previously encountered car maintenance and repair, the book will definitely help you with this. The Porsche Service and Maintenance Manual in PDF format will be your faithful friend and helper in any emergency.