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Repair and service Plymouth cars in the eBook

The Chrysler Corporation automobile corporation had several different divisions with individual brands of cars that it produced at its factories. Plymouth was just such an independent part of the company, having existed from 1928-2001. Plymouth are passenger cars and minivans that have proven themselves since the beginning of their development history.

The first cars represented a range of budget models, which were equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, and could compete with their counterparts among Ford and Chevrolet. & Nbsp;

The main plant was located in Detroit. The features of each model made them stand out from the rest of the car:

  • model U had a radio in every configuration;
  • model PA was equipped with a floating motor suspension;
  • The model 14C was equipped with a spacious interior and lighting that came on when the door was opened.

These competitive features have placed Plymouth at the forefront of US manufacturers. In 34, the millionth Plymouth rolled off the assembly line.

After the war, the company was successful: cars for sale bypassed Ford's competitors. When Virgil Exner took over as CEO, it all started with a clean slate. The company immediately developed the concept of being able to install V8 engines with an automatic transmission. Such a motor was borrowed from the Dodge production program. & Nbsp;

Since 1957, more and more advanced models have been produced, but at the same time they forgot about quality: they used thin steel for the body, they were poorly treated with anti-corrosion, the interior diverged at the seams and even the engine could not withstand the loads. Nevertheless, the company regained its leadership position, and even took a few steps ahead of the curve. Valiant, Barracuda, Belvedere and the sporty Satellite have become successful models. & Nbsp; They sold quite well, however, for each model, other Dodge companies produced prototypes, Ford Mustang, which were marginally, but better than Plymouth.

In 1980, the successful front-wheel drive Reliant was released, which combined American design and European dimensions; in parallel, Dodge released a "clone" under the brand name Aries, which was an exact copy, but was sold at a better price. Everything repeated with the Voyager model. Plymouth was the leader in auto sales, while Dodge was in the lead in revenue. In 1989, in cooperation with Mitsubishi, the Lazer sports car is produced. & Nbsp;

In 1995, an attempt was made to revive the division with the help of the Neon car, which combined all existing models, and later released the Breeze. By 2000, production had declined and the Daimler-Chrysler management decided to close the division. The last model of the company was the Plymouth Voyager minivan, which was released in 3 generations. The engines that can be found in this model were presented: four-cylinder with a volume of 2.4 liters or V6, a volume of 3 liters, the power in both cases was 152 hp. The model came with an automatic transmission. Every driver of any model should be able not only to drive a car, but also to understand such issues:

  • what tools are needed to maintain the car;
  • how to change the oil yourself;
  • how to find and fix the problem.

All such information can be found in the Plymouth Repair and Operation Manual in PDF format. By downloading the manual for your particular vehicle, all the answers will always be at your fingertips. In this case, the information is accompanied by illustrations with a detailed description. Written in simple and accessible language.