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Repair and service MG cars in the eBook

Morris Garage is a British automobile company currently owned by Nanjing (China). MG was best known for developing the first sports cars with two seats and an open top.

The founder of the company was the former bicycle mechanic William Morris. In 1923, as head of the company, Morris, with the help of manager Cecil Kimber, begins to develop sports models. The first car was the Morris Minor, where the engine was equipped with a single camshaft per cylinder. Since the first model, MG cars have gained popularity, being considered the most mobile, and have taken a leading position in the automotive arena of the world.

In 1927, the mega popular Midget was released. It was a passenger 2-seater roadster, which became a muse for making design decisions for modern cars.

For no particular reason, the head of MG Car Company Limited, Morris, soon gives up the production to Morris Motors, and appoints his assistant Lord as the manager. In the post-war period, Morris, along with the Austin Motor Company, was part of the British firm. With the arrival of Issigonis as an engineer, at the end of 1950, the company began to flourish. He came up with the front suspension of the car for a completely new model of the time - the Y-type, which saved all the development of MG. After that, they immediately began to produce successful models MGA, MGB and MGC, new generations of Midget.

By the end of the 60s, the corporation was restructured and formed a new British Leyland Corporation, which included the brands MG, Rover, Jaguar, Triumph. The new corporation offers to produce subcompact cars Metro, Maestro, Montego under the MG brand. After a while, they stopped allocating funds for MG, which served to calculate the workers in the factory and close the factory. Two years later, the production of cars was resumed.

In the 90s, Morris Garage was part of the structure of the BMW concern, and this lasted for 10 years, until at the end of the 2000s, together with the Rover division, they merged into the MG Rover group. Having failed to fulfill their expectations, in 2005 MG was acquired by the Nanjing Automobile Group. The new owners immediately revived the production of sports cars of previous generations, slightly improving them. The cars were produced at a factory in Nanjing. The sedans MG7, MG 350, MG 550, MG 750 rolled off the assembly line. After the merger of some companies in the concern, the assembly line returns to England, Longbridge. This is where the first MG TF LE500 is produced.

Produced in 2011:

  • hatchback MG 6 GT;
  • sedan MG 6 Magnette;
  • hatchback MG 3;
  • BTCC Edition (the engine differed in the volume of 1.8 liters, the power was 160 hp);
  • crossovers MG CS and Icon.

The company does not rule out the fact that it will develop coupes and convertibles in the future.

Morris sports cars, like regular vehicles, need to be repaired from time to time. The main questions that worry the drivers of these brands the most are:

  • how to change oils;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how car electronics work.

In order to quickly and efficiently carry out diagnostics, and then repair yourself, you need an electronic car repair manual. The Morris repair book in PDF format has detailed information on the structure of the car, with detailed instructions and illustrations. All the information provided is the experience of professionals, but it is presented in a fairly simple and accessible language. Download the book to your smartphone and you will always have the necessary information at your fingertips.