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Repair and service Lancia cars in the eBook

The Italian company Lancia Automobiles was engaged in the production and sale of passenger cars, the main plant of which was located in Turin. The founder of the company in the early 19th century was the famous racer Vincenzo Lancia with his friend.

During the year of operation, the factory produced its first machine, 18-24 HP. The first model of the car inherited the name Alpha (1908 release), and on its basis they later produced the Dialpha, but having improved and installed a 6-cylinder engine. In 1913, the factory produced the reliable Theta model, and it was from this that the serial production of electric lighting in the basic configuration began. & Nbsp;

During the war, the plant retrained, and produced trucks, specialized armored vehicles, in parallel developing new 8-cylinder and 20-cylinder engines. & Nbsp;

The first car with independent suspension, monocoque body - Lambda, released in 1921. Over the following years, Vincenzo's last designs before his death, Astura and Aprilia were released. His post was taken by his son, Alberto Askari, who, in addition to the production of cars, was interested in racing. Other designers have worked on the following model projects:

  • The Aurelia was created by the Alfa Romeo developer, Vittorio Jano;
  • The Flavia was introduced as the first front-wheel drive car under the leadership of Antonio Fessia (creator of Topolino).

In 1954, the world saw the Lancia D50, designed specifically for auto racing. In the same year, Askari participated in it in the Spanish Grand Prix, and was the best in time for one lap. & Nbsp;

In 1969 Lancia sold the main stake and became part of the Fiat company, but at the same time independently developed and promoted its new branded models: Beta, Stratos, Thema, Delta and Gamma. & Nbsp;

The team has achieved great success in the rally. The company won the championship for manufacturers from around the world with a Lancia Fulvia. Lancia has won 10 championships in total. & Nbsp;

In the 80s, the company worked closely with Saab, under the brand of which cars were produced in Sweden. In 1994, customers were presented with an eight-seater versatile minivan Lancia Zeta. During production, both diesel and gasoline engines were installed on the model, the working volume of which varied about 2 thousand cubic centimeters. The power of diesel engines reached 109 hp, and that of petrol engines reached about 140 hp. The minivan could accelerate to a maximum of 180-185 km / h.

In 2015, they decided not to promote the Lancia brand anymore, and at the moment one Lancia Ypsilon model is being produced, which can be purchased only in Italy. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Lancia car owners are periodically faced with the repair of their cars. The main questions that worry them the most are:

  • how to change oil;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how car electronics work.

In order to quickly, economically and efficiently carry out maintenance yourself, it would be a good idea to have an electronic car repair manual. & Nbsp;

Lancia repair book in PDF format has detailed information about the structure of the car, with detailed repair instructions with illustrations. All the information provided is the experience of professionals and specialists who were engaged in the repair and maintenance of cars of this brand. It is stated in simple and accessible language. Download the book to your phone or tablet and you will always have the necessary information.