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Lada is the trademark under which the cars of the Russian automaker AvtoVAZ (Volzhsky Automobile Plant) in Russia are sold in Western Europe.

Lada has always been known for making cheap and economical car models, albeit with limited functionality and design. AvtoVAZ currently sells models in line with the company's tradition, albeit with a significantly improved design.

Initially, the Lada brand was created for reasons of simplicity of pronunciation in order to sell Zhiguli models from AvtoVAZ in Western Europe. "Lada" is the name of a small Russian boat that was used on the Volga River, which flows near the AvtoVAZ plant. This vessel is also featured on the brand's logo.

The Lada plant is located in Togliatti, a large industrial and administrative center of the Central Volga region, with a chemical complex and industrial engineering plants.

Lada had great success in Europe with the Lada 4x4 / VAZ 2121 model, known all over the world as Niva and produced since 1976. It is a compact all-terrain vehicle, endowed, which was a rarity for that time, with permanent all-wheel drive and a one-piece body.

Immediately after entering the market, Niva attracted the attention of fans of a new sport - rally-raids. Among the successes in the rally are the Tunisian Rally, Atlas Rally, Algerian Rally, Pharaoh Rally, as well as many stage victories in the Paris-Dakar races.

This was the era of prototypes that had no real connection with the production of Niva, but still effective. Thus, the humble Russian SUV gradually turned into a racing beast, and its power was increased to 120 hp. in 1980.

In 1981, a 1800 Turbo engine from 2105 VFTS was installed on the Niva, which gave the result of the 1st podium in Dakar. Lada Niva will win again within the next two years. Thanks to her numerous victories in other competitions, Lada Niva becomes the 1st world champion in the young fast-growing discipline of rally-raid.

International cooperation with General Motors helped the Russian plant to obtain a new and high-quality product, and also gave impetus to the development of a new car on the market - Lada Kalina in hatchback, sedan and station wagon versions, with the corresponding external and internal appearance, similar to other international brands.

AvtoVAZ produces about a million vehicles a year, including:

  • Lada Granta (sedan and hatchback, produced since 2012);
  • Lada Vesta (family sedan, produced and sold since 2015, which is gradually replacing Lada Priora);
  • Lada 4x4 (ex Lada Niva, 5-door since 1995);
  • Lada Largus (family van, redesigned and restyled Dacia Logan MCV, produced at the plant in Togliatti).

In February 2016, Lada introduced Lada XRAY, an SUV based on the Dacia Sandero Stepway platform, as new models.

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