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Repair and service Holden cars in the eBook

Holden is the main vehicle manufacturer in Australia, initially operating as a separate company and later becoming part of the General Motors Group.

The founder of the company is the English immigrant James Holden. Thanks to its partners in 1908, the company begins to produce spare parts for cars. But trade restrictions are forcing over time to create a new brand Holden's Motor Body Builders, which was marked by the start of body production. Holden partners with Chevrolet to fit their cars with in-house factory-built bodies. In 1931, General Motors buys out the production of Holden and a new concern General Motors - Holden's Ltd is formed, which sets a course for the production of Australian cars.

In the post-war years, Holden continued to produce bodies, but cooperated not only with Chevrolet, but also with Buick, Pontiac and Vauxhall. The first "Holden" car was produced on the basis of the post-war Chevrolet model in 1948. Subsequently, station wagons, pickups and delivery vans were produced. The refined FJ model has become an icon among the Australian car industry, being considered the most recognizable car. GM has invested a lot of resources in the development of the plant, because Holden machines were developed for the special conditions of Australia, being distinguished by their durability against the road.

Competition was not long in coming. In the 60s, other manufacturers sought to conquer the Australian market, but this only improved Holden's performance:

  • model FB - the first left-hand drive car, the production of which allowed to increase the export of cars;
  • the EJ model has become a luxury, in the Premier category;
  • the HD series is equipped with a powerful six-cylinder 2.9 l engine;
  • For the first time, the HR series was equipped with front seat belts: thus Holden was the first company to include a safety system as standard;
  • the HK model was equipped with an improved V8 engine.

Competing with Ford, Chrysler, Holden remained the top-selling car in Australia. The popular Holden model - Commodore, was based on the Opel Rekord car, before it was taken from the Opel Senator, and is equipped with a six-cylinder V8 engine.

After the growth of the sales market, there was a strong decline. The company received support from the state of Australia, as a domestic manufacturer. Maintaining production was very expensive. Collaboration with Opel, Chevrolet and Daewoo, on the basis of which Holden models were produced, came to naught. In 2013, General Motors decided to close production in Australia, shifting its activities to servicing GM vehicles outside of Australia. Holden's last car was a red Commodore V8. By the beginning of 2021, the Holden car brand ceased to exist.

The closure of production does not mean that now you will not see Holden cars on the roads that require maintenance and repair. A good driver needs to understand the basics:

  • how to change oil;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how to find and fix the problem.

All information can be found in the Holden repair and maintenance book in PDF format. By downloading the manual for your car model, all the answers will always be at your fingertips. With its help, you will not only save time, but also money. You do not have to visit the service station again if you can do the repair yourself. The repair book is written in the simplest and most accessible language, it will be an excellent guide even for a novice driver.