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Great Wall Motors Company Limited or GWM is a Chinese car manufacturer based in Hebei province. The company is named after the Great Wall of China. Initially specialized in commercial vehicles (pickup trucks), and since 2010 has been the largest Chinese manufacturer of SUVs.

Founded in 1984 as Baoding Great Wall Motor Industry Company, the company has changed its name several times: from GW Motor Group in 1998 to Baoding Great Wall Motor Company Limited in 2001 and to its current name in 2003.

GWM sells passenger cars in 60 countries and exports account for about a third of sales. In 2010, Great Wall production was 70% based on commercial and off-road vehicles; the remaining 30% are small cars and small sedans.

GWM is one of the most respected brands for both the variety of models in its range, design, quality and a solid financial base to invest in innovation.

Chinese car manufacturer GWM has always stood out for the quality of its internal and external components.

Great Wall Motors launched the Haval brand in 2013 to sell all SUVs and crossovers that were previously branded Great Wall in China. The roots of the brand date back to 2006. At the same time, the Great Wall Hover was introduced, which in 2010 was renamed the Great Wall Haval H5. In 2011, the second Great Wall Haval H6 followed, which is considered one of the best-selling SUVs in China.

Before the new models were introduced, Great Wall decided in 2013 to make Haval an independent brand. The existing series have been renamed. HAVAL specializes in SUV models with unique design and excellent technology, among which the Haval H2, Haval H6, Haval H7, Haval H8 and Haval H9 stand out.

As a result, only sedans, small cars and pickups are sold under the parent company brand. In the following years, the Haval brand also replaced the Great Wall SUV line in overseas markets.

In 2017, GWM introduced the Wey brand in China, created for the Chinese luxury crossover market, both with a gasoline engine and a plug-in hybrid electrified version. In September of that year, several concept cars were unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show to promote the new brand.

In January 2018, the presentation of the new brand of the Great Wall group called Ora was announced. The presentation will take place at the Beijing Auto Show, and the brand intends to sell only electric vehicles in the Chinese market. The first model under the Ora brand is the iQ5 electric crossover, and the second model, introduced shortly thereafter, is the R1 city car, which is called the cheapest electric vehicle in the world.

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