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Information on the repair and maintenance of dump trucks in electronic form

Dump trucks are a truck with a tilt trailer for unloading cargo. Typically, dump trucks are used to transport bulk or other cargo. The ideal combination of quality and comfort was reproduced in the Japanese HINO 700 truck. The high level of technology allows the truck to be used in a wide variety of climatic conditions and off-road conditions. The cabin is equipped with a berth. A six-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 13 liters and a capacity of 410 hp is installed with a turbocharger. Complies with Euro-5 standards.

Equally high quality Shaanxi dump trucks from China. They are equipped with the latest technology to make the machine easy to operate. In production, the truck is equipped with a six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. A volume of 10 or 12 liters, with a working capacity of 336 and 375 horsepower, respectively. They are equipped with Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. You can buy dump trucks not only in China, but also in Europe. The production of Shaanxi was the best achievement in the automotive industry in China, for this they studied the entire world experience in the production of trucks.

The Belarusian Automobile Plant produces equally popular dump trucks in European countries. BelAZ - 7530 is considered one of the heaviest trucks. It is based on a modern platform that is adapted to various operating conditions. BelAZ - 7540 is intended for transportation of rock masses and bulk cargo.

Model 7522 is equipped with a bucket-type body, single cab, with an additional side seat. The dump truck is equipped with an economical engine with an operating power of 360 horsepower. The following year, the plant developed several modifications that were equipped with an even more powerful turbocharged V-12 diesel engine. The volume is 22.3 liters and the power is 420 horsepower. Included was a five-speed gearbox.

The 7547 series mining dump trucks were and still are the best models with a lifting capacity of 45 tons. At the moment, the truck has been modernized with new technical solutions, which includes a fire system and video review. The model is equipped with a diesel twelve-cylinder V-shaped engine YaMZ-240 HM2, with a volume of 22.3 liters and a power of 500 hp. Develops a maximum speed of 50 km / h.

The BelAZ-7555V carrying capacity is 55 tons, and is designed to transport soil and ore, as well as other minerals. The truck is adapted to work in a wide variety of climatic conditions, from -50 to +50. It differs from modification A by the engine with which it is equipped - Cummins, a Chinese-made diesel engine.

Even the most reliable and high-quality dump trucks require timely maintenance and repairs from time to time. There is nothing better if the driver can figure out such issues on his own:

  • how to diagnose;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how to troubleshoot;
  • how to repair the checkpoint.

Diagnostics and repairs require certain knowledge and understanding of the dump truck design. The repair book in PDF format will be useful to every driver. The book presents various models, modifications, parameters and illustrations that will help in repair work. The information is presented in simple and accessible language. The manual can be downloaded to your smartphone and always at hand. In it you will surely find the answer to any question.