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Dodge is an American automobile brand, originally called the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company (1900-1927), now owned by Stellantis. Chrysler acquired Dodge in 1928.

High-end Dodge has gradually evolved towards a sporty car design, such as the Pontiac in the General Motors group.

The founders of the brand, the Dodge brothers, from an early age, they were engaged in mechanics in their father's workshop and began their professional career at the Murphy Engine Company in 1886, and then made a fortune in the production of bicycles at the head of their company Evans & amp; Dodge Bicycle Company.

In the early 1900s, the Dodge Brothers also produced bearings and other parts for the early automotive industry. They help develop the engines of the first Oldsmobile.

In 1902, the Dodge brothers were approached by Henry Ford, who was looking for help in financing his own car company. Thus, the Dodge brothers help Ford finance his business. They become the first shareholders and engine manufacturers of the Ford Motor Company.

They also participated in the production of parts for the first Ford vehicles, which brought mutual benefits to both Ford and Dodge Brothers. By 1913, almost all Ford parts (chassis, suspension, brakes, engines, transmissions, etc.) were manufactured by Dodge.

In 1914, the Dodge brothers decided to create their own brand in their own name. Thus, the firm was founded under the name Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. The first models resemble the Ford T convertible, but with some innovations such as an electric starter.

Thanks to their impeccable reputation as engine manufacturers, they began to receive orders, and their first car was for a time a true competitor to Ford T. By the end of 1914, 249 cars were built by Dodge Brothers Motor Company.

The cars produced by the Dodge brothers had some features such as electric starting instead of cranking starting, which made them very popular as mid-range cars. These models have had great commercial success.

In 1917, the company began producing trucks that were used by the US military during World War I and sold to the civilian market after the conflict ended. Also this year, they unveiled the first ever closed car.

The Chrysler group acquired Dodge in 1928 and owned the brand for over eighty years until the Chrysler group itself was taken over by the Italian Fiat group in 2011. From now on, the Dodge brand is no longer sold in Europe.

In 2009, the Dodge product range was spun off with the creation of the Ram Trucks brand, dedicated to the sale of all pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles previously sold under the Dodge brand; on the other hand, the classic line of cars will continue to be branded Dodge.

Since 2005, the Dodge brand is known primarily for its SUVs, which account for 78% of the division's sales. Dodge is trying to change that with the introduction of the new Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger.

Dodge is currently part of the Stellantis Group, which simultaneously owns the American brands Chrysler, Jeep and RAM.

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