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Repair and service combine-harvesters in the eBook

Manufacturer Rostselmash is today the leading Russian manufacturer of agricultural machinery, which has its production in different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Kazakhstan. The main direction is the production of grain harvesters and forage harvesters. It is included in the TOP-5 of large manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world.

The Don-1500 model received the title of a demanded combine harvester. Its productivity was 14 tons per hour. The harvester was equipped with a D-260 diesel engine or an eight-cylinder YaMZ-238, with an operating power of 235 hp, complete with a gearbox of speed ranges, which included three modes:

  • slope of the ground from 4 to 8 degrees;
  • slope of the ground from 0 to 4 degrees;
  • movement with an empty container.

The model was replaced by the Acros 530 and Vector 410 combines.

The PCM 142 - Acros 530 - has become one of the most successful models produced by Rostselmash. The harvester is equipped with a diesel V-shaped turbocharged engine YaMZ-236BK, which is automatically cooled.

The Vector 410 model is a separate independent project, a smaller version of the Acros, represented by a self-propelled wheeled single-drum harvester. The equipment with which both models of equipment are equipped are mobile and compact. The only thing is that Acros is suitable for large volumes of fields, and Vector for small areas. The vector is equipped with a diesel turbocharged V-shaped engine YAMZ 236-ND. This series of motors was developed specifically for this combine, and equipped with additional power that allows you to work in any conditions.

The forage harvester RSM-100 Don-680M was developed specifically for harvesting corn, sunflower and other tall crops in various climatic conditions. It was equipped with a high-capacity fuel tank, which made it possible to work without refueling for more than 11 hours in a row. Combine Don-680M is one of the available, despite the fact that it is equipped with an automatic equipment control system.

The RSM-1401 model replaced the Don-680M and is intended for large agricultural companies in harvesting and forage procurement, in large volumes and in a short time. The harvester is equipped with 2 types of turbocharged diesel engines from different manufacturers: YaMZ and Mercedes Benz. Basically, the configuration includes an eight-cylinder YaMZ-7511, with a volume of 14.8 liters and a capacity of 400 hp, since Mercedes-Benz engines are much more expensive in price.

The Soviet KSK-100 is produced at Gomselmash, an equally popular plant in the USSR. In 1977 it was the first forage harvester. After 10 years, it was modernized and there were up to ten modifications. SMD-72 engines were installed on the unit.

Combine 600 Palesse is versatile, with a lot of functions. In the basic version, the model is equipped with a liquid-cooled diesel YaMZ 238AK-1, providing & nbsp; throughput under a variety of conditions. The latest models are turbocharged.

Agricultural harvesters especially require maintenance and scheduled maintenance before the start of the season. A great idea would be for the driver to independently learn to understand such issues:

  • how to change oil;
  • how to change the oil hose under pressure;
  • how to change filters.

The book on repair and operation of combines in PDF format will be an excellent guide even for an experienced driver. The manual can be easily downloaded to your smartphone and always at hand, where you can always find a solution to any problem.

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