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Repair and service carburetors in the eBook

The carburetor is necessary for the high-quality operation of the old-style engine, since it regulates the supply of fuel and air to the engine cylinders. It has been widely used on engines in a wide variety of car models. But starting from the 80s, the carburetor fuel supply system began to be supplanted by the injection system.

Ozone carburetors are quite simple and reliable, which distinguishes them from other models. Their history of existence begins in the 70s and are staged to this day. The carburetor works great not only with Soviet engines, but also copes with foreign production up to 2 liters. Initially, Ozone carburetors were installed on cars with a longitudinal engine, but they are also found with a transverse one, where it works flawlessly.

Solex carburetors are installed in vehicles with contactless ignition. Accordingly, Solex is a tubeless emulsion carburetor, which consists of two chambers. The most common model is Solex 21083, it was the base one. This modification included the minimum cross-section of diffusers, and it was originally intended for installation on a VAZ 21083. This carburetor is intended for engines with a volume of no more than 1.5 liters, therefore, it is not recommended to put on a larger volume, since the settings will not correspond to the operation of the engine. < / p>

The main problems of breakdown or malfunction of the carburetor include:

  • fuel leak;
  • spark plug problems;
  • unstable idle;
  • violation of carburetor settings;
  • failure of the jets.

In order to determine the fuel leakage, its pressure is checked. It should correspond to 4 - 7 psi. If the pressure is normal, look for problems in the float chamber, or better, replace it immediately with a new one. If there is a problem with the spark plugs, fuel will begin to flow in excess of the required rates. Pay attention to the float, it needs to be adjusted. Idling problems will occur in the wiring between the carburetor and the gas pedal. And also it is worth checking the carburetor itself for corrosion or dirt, if necessary, clean it. If the carburetor settings do not correspond to the norms and the engine does not receive fuel in the required volume and concentration, then most likely your car:

  • will consume extra fuel;
  • the engine power of the car will decrease and it will overheat;
  • black smoke will be emitted, possibly with sound.

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