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BMW (short for Bayerische Motoren Werke, translated from German as "Bavarian Engine Plant") is a German manufacturer of luxury and luxury cars and motorcycles, headquartered in Munich. It sells cars under the BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, as well as motorcycles under the BMW brand.

The company was officially founded in 1917, initially for the production of aircraft engines. Gradually the company expanded its business and became one of the most important and prestigious car manufacturers in the world, primarily due to the quality of the design, as well as the technological and engineering modernity of its products.

BMW is the world leader in car sales among high-end manufacturers, competing primarily with Audi, Volvo, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.

Since the 1970s, the brand's models have been designated with a three-digit number, the first of which corresponds to the series, the other two to the engine size. The three-digit number was followed by a letter indicating the fuel used or the type of transmission. For example, for the 728i model, this is a 7 series with a 2.8-liter injection engine. SUVs use the same numbering principle, but with the X as a prefix (same for Z roadsters).

First of all, gasoline was chosen as the fuel for the BMW brand. Models, often with carburetors, were identified by a serial number followed by displacement numbers (examples: 320, 528).

The use of a fuel injection system prompts BMW to designate models with an i after the number (e.g. 330i, 528i). Today all petrol models have fuel injection systems and therefore have the letter “i”. Diesel engine models are identified with the letter “d” (example: 330d). An exception occurred in the 1980s, when, after the oil shock, the so-called "economical" petrol versions with the letter "e" appeared (example: 525e). The letter "e" has been reused since 2016 for the so-called "eco" hybrid versions.

The letters "i" and "d" are combined with other letters, which themselves combine with each other to indicate options. Four-wheel drive models were identified with the letter "x" (for "Xdrive"), for example: 525ix, 330xi.

Sports versions of cars had the letters "S" or "s" (examples: 630 CS, 325is). Turbocharged versions were designated "td" (examples: 320td, 525tds) prior to common rail direct injection engines. The letter "g" stands for very few models that can run on natural gas and petrol, such as the 518g.

Since the 2010s, some sporty models, more or less related to BMW M models, are identified with the letter M in front of their number (e.g. M140i, M760Li, X4 M40i).

The letter "A" is often used for models with an automatic transmission (eg 540iA), but this name is not official.

Since 2009, BMW has used the designation "sDrive" for some of its rear wheel drive vehicles (X and Z series) and "xDrive" for all of its all wheel drive vehicles.

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  • when it is necessary to replace the coolant;
  • how to independently replace filters (oil, fuel or air) in the car;
  • how to check the health of the vacuum system;
  • what to do before changing the brake sensor and much more.

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