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Information on repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery in electronic form

Agricultural machinery is represented by a wide range of assortments, which provides for an increase in work productivity due to process automation. Such equipment greatly simplifies life and allows you to process the largest amount of crops in the shortest possible time. Basically, agricultural machinery is used at economic facilities and agricultural enterprises. For this, entire motor depots are created, which are responsible for the storage, use and repair of vehicles.

Agricultural machinery is used at all stages of agricultural production. Preparing the land before sowing, fertilizing the soil, sowing and harvesting, harvesting and transporting, distributing feed to animals - these are the main tasks that are solved with the help of special machines. Depending on the direction of activity, the technique is divided into subspecies:

  • for agriculture;
  • for animal husbandry;
  • for reclamation works;
  • auxiliary equipment.

The perfection of technology has reached the point that most of the agricultural units can perform several types of work at once. With a variety of attachments for work, the tractor can transport, plow, compress, etc. It is very beneficial for the owners of such equipment.

When buying agricultural machinery, they start from the characteristics of the given vehicle and factors such as type of work, volume of production, territorial location and climate, mobility and compactness.

Any vehicle, including agricultural machinery, needs maintenance and scheduled repairs. The best option would be if the driver understands the design of agricultural equipment as well as with other cars and knows:

  • how to change oil;
  • how to replace the oil hose under pressure;
  • how to change filters.

The book on the repair and operation of agricultural machinery in PDF format will be an excellent guide even for a professional. The information is provided in the form of illustrations, where each block of agricultural machinery is painted in detail. The manual is available to everyone, it is presented in simple and understandable language. Thanks to this information, the owner of transport equipment will be able to save not only money on repairs, but also time: you do not have to look for specialized maintenance stations that are engaged in diagnostics of agricultural equipment. The book can be easily downloaded to your device and always at hand. Wherever you are, you can always find a solution to any problem.