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Information for the owner of the car

  • Information for the owner of the car
  • Dispose of your car
  • Notation used in this manual

Quick start guide

  • Hybrid system
  • Entrance and exit from the car
  • Before driving
  • Driving a car at night and in the rain
  • Opening / closing

Before you go

  • Hybrid system
  • Key information
  • Opening / closing doors and tailgate
  • Adjustable components (seats, mirrors, steering wheel)
  • Opening and closing windows and panoramic sunroof
  • Refueling
  • Anti-theft system
  • Passive security system


  • Driving
  • Dashboard
  • Management of outdoor light and wiper blades
  • Using other vehicle systems
  • Driving information

Salon equipment

  • Touch screen
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Audio
  • Rear seat multimedia system
  • Hands-free system (for mobile phones)
  • Interior lighting
  • Storage compartments
  • Other cabin equipment

Maintenance and car care

  • Car care
  • Maintenance
  • Independent maintenance

In the event of malfunctions

  • Basic data
  • In an emergency

Specifications of your car

  • Technical specifications
  • Individual settings
  • Initialization
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Anti-theft system Lexus LS 600 H with 2006

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