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Repair and service Zotye cars in the eBook

Zotye International Automobile Trading Co., Ltd or Zotye Auto is a Chinese car manufacturer founded in 2005 by Zotye Holding Group.

Zotye International was founded on January 14, 2005 by the Chinese financial holding company Zotye Holding Group. Previously, Zotye only had contracts for the export of components and parts for various car factories, but its role grew until it reached the production of complete vehicles.

By 2005, the trade organization Zotye has established itself as a reliable partner in almost all continents. At the moment, the company has been able to open commercial branches in 10 countries.

The first model of the brand was the small SUV Zotye RX6400 (Zotye 2008), later renamed Zotye Nomad. Zotye Nomad is very similar to Daihatsu Terios. It was an unauthorized replica of a Japanese SUV that was later updated and redesigned to increase the differences, but the stylistic affinity was evident.

In 2008, Zotye entered into agreements with Fiat Group Automobiles (now FCA Italy SpA) and acquired a license to manufacture Fiat Multipla, Fiat Doblo (first series) and Lancia Lybra models, and in 2009 acquired assembly lines for the production of Fiat Perla and Fiat Palio models. ... Prototypes of these models were presented, but only Fiat Multipla, Fiat Palio and Fiat Perla will go into production.

The Fiat Multipla was originally marketed in 2009 as the Zotye Multiplan, and later (on the occasion of the facelift) a new grille was adopted and the model name became Zotye M300.

Between 2010 and 2011, the 2008 Zotye facelift was presented, which changed the name to the Zotye 5008 and debuted the five-door, five-to-eight-seat Zotye V10 minivan, heavily inspired by the style of Japanese vans.

In recent years, the company's range has been expanded with new vehicles designed specifically for the Chinese market, such as sedans and crossovers / SUVs, which, however, are clearly inspired by German manufacturers (especially the Volkswagen group).

2012 saw the debut of the Zotye Z300, a compact sedan (reminiscent of the Toyota Allion sold in Asian markets). It was followed in 2014 by the Zotye Z500, using the same mechanics as the Zotye Z300, but with larger dimensions and a more sporty aesthetic. Both fit the C (medium-compact) segment.

In December 2013, the mid-size crossover Zotye T600 was introduced, the car that occupies the top position in the lineup, powered by Mitsubishi 1.5 and 2.0 turbocharged petrol engines.

Stylistically, the Zotye T600 closely resembles German models such as the Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5.

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In this repair book, you can find answers to your questions, including:

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In recent years, auto maker Zotye has garnered attention with its audacious product imitations. In this context, mention should be made of the Zotye SR7 (imitating the Audi Q3), the Zotye SR9 (imitating the Porsche Macan), the Zotye T500 (imitating the Audi Q5), the Zotye Damai X5 (imitating the VW Tiguan) and the Zotye Damai X7 (imitating the VW CrossBlue Coupe concept). All the aforementioned imitation models belong to the Volkswagen Group.