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Repair and service Vortex cars in the eBook

Vortex is a brand of models for the Russian market, which belongs to the TagAZ company. Modified Chery models are produced under this brand under a different logo.

The brand begins its history of development back in 1998, when the crisis began all over the world. The investments made for development have to be sharply "frozen" in order to avoid damage to property, because over the years the new equipment will have time to become unusable. Over the next ten years, various manufacturers tried to produce cars, but only years later, thanks to cooperation with the Chinese concern Chery Automobile, the first car was released under a personal brand. Among the line of cars, it is worth highlighting Estina, Corda and Tingo.

A clone of the Vortex Estina machine is Fora, which was launched in 2008. Unlike its counterpart, a solid body is installed in the car, the security system has become more reliable. The model is equipped with engines of 1.6 liters and a working capacity of 119 horsepower, or 2.0 liters and 136 horsepower. In the basic configuration, the car includes an on-board computer, air conditioning, acoustics, hydraulic booster and electric drive, a lock and an alarm.

The Vortex Tingo crossover is a restyling of the Chery Tiggo, the first crossover from the Chinese manufacturer Chery. The model is quite similar to the Japanese car RAV4. The model is affordable, inexpensive, and therefore in demand. The body is strong enough, which is confirmed by crash tests. Today the model is equipped with a 1.8 liter gasoline engine with a manual transmission.

In 2011, the plant began producing a new model of the Vortex Corda sedan. The car is a copy of the Chery Amulet model. It is quite economical, equipped with a 1.5 liter engine, where the working power is 109 horsepower, complies with Euro-4 standards. Available with a mechanical five-speed gearbox. The basic equipment of the car includes air conditioning, central locking and power steering.

Vortex cars do not indulge their owners with a wide range of parameters or many modifications. The main goal of the company is considered to be competitive opportunity in the category of price-quality ratio.

All drivers understand that maintaining a car should be part of its use. Therefore, more and more often, owners begin to do this on their own. Maintenance is a series of preventive measures that are aimed at early identification of possible problems at the initial stages. Any repair or replacement of parts will require knowledge and understanding from you:

  • how to find the problem yourself and fix it;
  • how to change oil;
  • safety rules when performing work.

Vortex repair book in PDF format will be useful even to the most experienced owner. The book presents the entire design of the car, the main characteristics of the parameters and illustrations with a detailed description for various repair work. The manual can be downloaded to your device (smartphone or tablet) and always have it at hand. The information is presented in an accessible and simple language that will be understandable even for a beginner in this matter. In the book, you will definitely find the answer to any question that interests you.