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Information on repair and maintenance of Volkswagen Sharan cars electronically

The Sharan minivan family car has been produced by the German automaker Volkswagen since 1995. The name of the model is borrowed from the Persians, which translates as "bearer of kings". During the production of the first generation, the minivan underwent two restyling, more than 250 thousand copies were produced. The next generation was introduced in 2010.

Volkswagen and Ford developed a joint project in the early 90s to cover the entire minivan segment in the European market, and four years later began producing models in Portugal.

At the start of sales of the Sharan I, the following engines from the line were available, which were paired with a five-speed transmission:

  • on gasoline: four-cylinder - 2.0 liters and 114 horsepower or 1.8 liters with 150 horsepower; six-cylinder VR6, 2.8-liter, 174 horsepower.
  • on diesel: 1.9 liters and 89 and 109 horsepower.

The following year, Volkswagen changed the brand of its variant of the car and began to release it under the Seat Alhambra brand, along with Sharan. Each version of the model had a slightly noticeable external originality.

Volkswagen Sharan was available in the European and African markets, Latin America, Mexico. The model was not brought to the North American market; instead, the concern stopped the development of the Microbus model and released the Chrysler Routan.

The Volkswagen Sharan was still produced in Portugal, while the Ford Galaxy factory was relocated to a new factory in Belgium. Restyling Sharan meant improving the engine lineup, complementing its diesel versions with 1.9-liter options, with a power of 129 and 148 horsepower and 2.0 liters, with a power of 138 horsepower. The engine on a diesel engine of 1.9 liters and gasoline of 2.8 liters (V6) was produced in all-wheel drive versions.

Volkswagen Sharan of the second generation is developed on a platform of the same type as the Passat, and corresponds to modern models. The car is completed with sliding doors on the sides.

The second generation was equipped with an updated list of engines, which repeated only a certain part of the previous version:

  • on gasoline, equipped with injection and turbocharging, which are capable of developing power from 150 to 200 horsepower;
  • on a diesel engine, equipped with a Common Rail system and supercharged, with a capacity of 140 to 170 horsepower.

They are completed in tandem with a transmission mechanics and robotic. The car is produced as a five-seater (then there are 2 rows of seats in the car), as well as a six-seater and seven-seater (3 rows of seats).

Owners of Volkswagen Sharan minivans prefer to independently repair and service their cars, especially if parts and spare parts are available. Every motorist should know how to solve basic questions:

  • how to change oils;
  • how the chassis works;
  • how to repair electronics.

Volkswagen Sharan repair book in PDF format contains detailed information about the structure of the car, detailed instructions with illustrations. It is presented clearly and is based on the experience of professionals. Download the book to your smartphone and the necessary information will always be at your fingertips.