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Information on repair and maintenance of Volkswagen Multivan cars electronically

The Volkswagen Multivan is a version of the Volkswagen Transporter minibus produced by Volkswagen since 1950.

The Volkswagen Transporter, based on the Volkswagen Group's T-Platform, is now in its sixth generation part of a series of vans that have been in production for over 60 years and sold worldwide. Under the T platform (by Transporter), the first three generations are retroactively referred to as T1, T2 and T3, as they were originally called the Volkswagen Type.

Volkswagen Transporter was produced in various series, the most popular of which are:

  • Van (passenger (combi), van (panel) or chassis) is the most strict version, with short, regular or long sizes;
  • Caravelle - designed for passengers, its interiors are completely closed, their seats are made of velor, there is an automatic version;
  • Multivan - passenger, seating layout is multifunctional, there is a service counter, drawers and compartments throughout the interior, automatic version;
  • California - camping oriented, has a roof with a lifting system and a self-expanding side awning.

In 1985, the first generation Volkswagen Multivan was introduced - a version of the Volkswagen T3 (Volkswagen Transporter 3) for universal family use.

Syncro all-wheel drive was introduced in 1985 on all versions of the Volkswagen T3. The Syncro scheme assumes permanent all-wheel drive, with continuous and automatic distribution of driving force between the front and rear axles, controlled by a visco clutch. Off-road capabilities have been enhanced by locking two front and rear differentials controlled from the cab.

The third generation of the Volkswagen Multivan was launched in Europe in 2003. It was a minivan version of the Volkswagen Transporter. It is also produced in Germany, UK, Russia, France, Turkey and Singapore. This model is assembled in Hannover and parts are made in Poznań, Poland.

At the end of 2009, the minivan was restyled. The headlights have been redesigned: they have a black background, the small rounded indicators have disappeared and they are found in the upper part of the two tapered optics.

The VW Multivan, like the VW Transporter, is getting a new slatted grille which is a new Volkswagen styling orientation exposed by the VW Golf 6.

The VW Multivan taillights have a square mask with white rectangular optics at the bottom to match the new styling of the VW models, while the VW Transporter retains the taillights from 2003 but all the turn signal and reversing lights are white.

The fourth generation of the Volkswagen Multivan was unveiled in September 2015 at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show and was inspired by the VW T6. It comes in a special edition of red and white, just like the first VW Transporter from the 1950s.

The restyled version of the VW Multivan is presented at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019 with a subsequent technological update, the front and rear lights have also been changed.

In June 2021, Volkswagen presents the fifth generation of the Volkswagen Multivan. In addition to petrol and diesel versions, it is available as a plug-in hybrid variant. Its appearance is similar to the VW Combi of the 1950s (thin grille with a luminous rod framing the LED optics). The rear lights in this generation are now horizontal and surround the tailgate of the car.

Any car requires timely maintenance, troubleshooting and replacement of parts. These actions, in turn, require certain knowledge and understanding from us.

On our site you can read, buy and download Volkswagen Multivan repair books of different years of release in PDF format.

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