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Tuning cars in the eBook

Improving a conventional car by changing the standard characteristics is called tuning. Most often, they increase engine power, its efficiency, improve the braking system and suspension, and inside they are equipped with a multimedia system. Sometimes tuning concerns radical changes - converting a car into a convertible. This desire to make their car better unites people, and for many it is not just a hobby, but a professional activity.

Any changes in the appearance or interior of a car are called styling, which allows you to add personality to any model. Styling is understood as replacing the bumper, spoiler, changing the color to an unusual one, airbrushing on the body, lighting or other lighting ideas that will make the car stand out among thousands of others.

The various improvements are divided into several different stages.

  • Engine tuning is associated with improving or replacing it with a more powerful one. Basically, they change standard parts for spare parts from the best manufacturer, lighten the engine, install a turbocharging system and filters. They make any shenanigans in order to maximize power and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Gearbox tuning. Basically, they enhance the dynamics by replacing the coefficient. But it is worth noting that after such settings, the maximum speed of the car decreases. For those who like extreme sports, you can replace the standard gearbox with a disk one. Do not forget about the clutch, as changing the gearbox also affects it. The clutch connects the engine and the gearbox.
  • Suspension tuning consists in installing stiff springs, shock absorbers, stabilizers for vehicle stability.
  • Brake tuning - replacement of brake pads with high-temperature ones. Provides for the replacement of calipers, pistons and discs with a larger diameter. Together, this will significantly increase the efficiency of the braking system.
  • Tuning the salon consists in re-tightening the interior with a wide variety of materials, replacing standard elements (seat, steering wheel) with more comfortable ones; changes in shape and function: heated and ventilated seats, massage covers.
  • Exterior tuning is great for optimizing aerodynamics and enhancing the vehicle's appearance. Tuning is carried out by replacing mirrors, covering with film or applying drawings.

Tuning cars are shown not only on the roads, but also at various exhibitions. In order to tune your car yourself, you need to master certain knowledge and skills. All the information you need can be found in the tuning book in PDF format. The guide will be an excellent assistant not only for beginners in this business, but also for experienced professionals. The information is presented so easily that everyone can understand it. You only need to download the book to your smartphone and the information will be available at any time.