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Repair and service Tatra cars in the eBook

A Czech company that manufactures cars and trucks, Tatra was founded in 1850 under the name Schustala Company. At that time, the company was engaged in the production of strollers and carriages. With the growth of production and capacity, factories began to open not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Germany, Poland and Ukraine. By the 80s, the company began to produce railroad cars.

The first passenger car “President” was produced by the company in 1897 in Europe. And in 1919, the company first began to use the Tatra name and badge.

In the post-war period, the company was nationalized, and from this period the company began to produce trucks and luxury cars. The most popular trucks are Tatra 163 and 815.

The production of Tatra 815 trucks began in 1983. The trucks were equipped with a backbone frame, independent wheel suspension and diesel engines with various cooling methods. Due to its design, the car is produced with various chassis proposals (wheel configurations 4 × 4, 6 × 6, 8 × 8, 10 × 8, 10 × 10, 12 × 8 and 12 × 12). Tatra trucks are equipped with diesel engines of various models:

  • ten-cylinder V engine, 15.8 liters and 235 horsepower;
  • V-8 engine, 12.7 liters and 231 hp respectively;
  • twelve-cylinder V engine, 19 liters, but with different outputs of 320 and 360 hp

The fan, which was installed in front of the engine, was responsible for cooling, and additionally cooled the oil coolers. The engine was equipped with two electric starters. Various types of cabins were installed on Tatra 815, depending on the purpose:

  • three-seater cabin
  • sleeper cab;
  • double four-door cab for 6 people;
  • lowered cabin (for mobile cranes).

The Tatra 815 model range includes numerous modifications, which consist of: flatbed trucks, dump trucks, tractors, chassis for cranes, excavators, tanks, fire trucks, etc.

The Tatra 163 Jamal is a bonneted cargo vehicle that has been produced since 1999. The vehicles are equipped with a four-stroke air-cooled diesel engine. The model range includes about nine basic configurations, weighing an average of 35 tons with two wheelbase sizes and a carrying capacity of 19-25 tons.

In 2013, the company was sold to Truck Development, but the production of trucks continues today. Tatra is considered the only Czech company that has not turned off the track and is gaining momentum.

Repair is a pressing issue for many owners of trucks. Such units require timely and high-quality repair service, so everyone wants to understand:

  • how to diagnose and repair the chassis;
  • how to troubleshoot electrical equipment;
  • how to repair a tractor gearbox.

But any diagnostics or replacement of parts requires understanding from us. The book on repair of tractors and trucks Tatra in PDF format will be useful to everyone. The manual contains the design of the car, the main characteristics, illustrations with detailed descriptions for various repair work The book can be downloaded to your phone and always at hand. In it you will surely find the answer to any question that interests you.