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Information on repair and maintenance of Suzuki Vitara cars electronically

Suzuki Vitara is a compact crossover, produced since 1988. Four generations have been produced so far, the last model was released in 2014, for the Japanese market the model is called Suzuki Escudo.

The presentation of the first generation took place in 88, only for the Japanese market. After that, the Sidekick was presented in America, with a five-door body and a convertible. Suzuki released a three-door model three years later.

In 93, changes took place in the appearance of the dashboard and a limited version with a body in pink appeared, in this modification 250 units were produced.

Three years later, the Sidekick model began to be produced with a rounded body, the production of cars in this modification was stopped in 1998.

In 1998, Suzuki launched the next generation Vitara. The car now had an updated engine and technical improvements. In terms of bodies, nothing has changed, there remained a convertible and a three-, five-door version. The three-door and five-door versions had a difference in length, so one was a compact crossover and the other a mini crossover. This nuance led to a name change in some markets and the prefix “Grand” appeared. After a while, a seven-seat version appeared.

In 2001, the British market was released with a 1.5 liter engine, for other markets there was a version of 2.0 liters and 2.5 liters.

In 2005, the third generation was presented, from that moment the car was called the Grand Vitara. There was a permanent four-wheel drive and the ladder frame was integrated into the body.

A number of versions have been released for the Japanese market, namely:

  • Salomon
  • Helly Hansen
  • FieldTrek
  • Supersound Edition

In 2008, the first restyling of this generation took place and new engines appeared (3.2 l and 2.4 l). Due to changes in the engines, engineers have improved the soundproofing of the cabin, and a multifunction display has also appeared on the dashboard. Since 2011, the car has been produced without a spare wheel on the tailgate, because of this, the overall length of the car has decreased by 20 cm.

Sales of this generation ended in 2019.

The fourth generation was born in 2014. This version has the same body style as the third generation. Four years later, a redesigned version was presented in Paris, restyling was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the car's release. The new model has a new front bumper and an enlarged display in the dashboard.

As for the maintenance of the vehicle, including the Suzuki Vitara, it requires skills and special information. It is this information that is stated in the repair and operation manual. It contains answers to such questions:

  • how to perform maintenance;
  • what tools are needed;
  • how to replace filter etc.

The information is based on the experience of professionals in this field and their advice, but it is very easy to understand. Therefore, even a not very experienced car owner can perform basic manipulations. And if it is impossible to carry out the repair yourself, the manual will tell you what to do in a given situation.

The book on repair and operation of Suzuki Vitara in PDF format is indispensable for any owner of this vehicle. Situations on the road can be very different and it is better to have the necessary information always at hand.