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Repair and service Seat cars in the eBook

The Spanish car company Seat is currently part of the Volkswagen Group, headquartered in Barcelona. But the history of the brand begins as a subsidiary of the Italian company Fiat in Spain, the main contribution to which was made by the National Institute of Industry and six banks in Spain.

The first car rolled off the assembly line back in 1953. Over the course of several decades, various car models have been produced that have successfully participated in rallies and other competitions. By 1974, the plant had produced the two millionth Seat car. But after 30 years of production, Fiat refused to continue funding its subsidiary, which was the main reason for the breakdown of cooperation. After a while, the German automaker Volkswagen AG began to work closely with the Spanish brand, which by 1986 bought out 51% of the shares and soon became the full owner of the brand. By this time, models began to enter the Russian and Ukrainian markets.

Since 2010, Seat has sponsored the UEFA Europa League every time. Every year the number of cars sold is growing, the brand has long entered the international markets and is popular.

The main car range is represented by the following options:

  • Seat Ibiza - represented by the best-selling compact hatchback, which has been produced since 1984. Today, there are about 5 generations of the model range, each of which becomes a sales leader.
  • Seat Toledo is the first joint model with Volkswagen concern, which brought immense popularity to the brand. Sedan, has four generations of updates, which allowed a large-scale expansion of the range of engines in production.
  • Seat Leon is a hatchback, produced since 1998, instead of the Ronda model. It has three generations of upgrades and an enhanced version of the Leon Cupra R, a 2.0L engine of which is capable of developing 265 horsepower, with a top speed of 250 km / h. In 13, the last version of the Seat Leon Sport Coupe was demonstrated, which in 18 was discontinued due to low demand.
  • Seat Ateca - represented by a compact crossover, which replaced the Altea in 2016. At the heart of the MQB platform, which is equipped with gasoline engines from 1.0L to 2.0L and diesel engines 1.6L and 2.0L. The car is available in front and all-wheel drive versions. Produced at the Skoda plant, and is considered a clone of the Skoda Karoq version.
  • The Seat Alhambra is a 7-seater minivan produced by Volkswagen under the Seat brand. The car is almost a copy of the Volkswagen Sharan, which is produced in Portugal.

Vehicle owners do repairs and maintenance from time to time, regardless of model. Each driver is attentive to his car, and therefore must understand how to solve the main issues:

  • how to change oils;
  • how the electronics work;
  • how to change brake pads;
  • how to repair the chassis.

For timely maintenance and saving time, a car repair manual will be a good solution. The Seat repair book in PDF format will help to solve any of your questions. Detailed information about car models, repair instructions with descriptions and illustrations will be a great helper. Based on the experience and advice of professionals. Download the manual to your smartphone and use it whenever you need it.