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Information on repair and maintenance of Renault Duster cars electronically

The Renault Duster is the Renault Group's B-segment SUV sold under the Dacia brand in Europe, North Africa, Turkey and Israel, and under the Renault brand in other markets. It was officially introduced on December 8, 2009 and went on sale from March 18, 2010.

The car was created jointly by Renault and Nissan on the basis of the Nissan B0 platform, common among budget cars Renault-Nissan, Lada and Dacia.

Renault Duster was named "Best Car of the Year 2011" by Autobest in 15 European countries.

The first generation Renault Duster was sold from 2010 to 2017. It was available with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the car received good reviews for its off-road performance.

The exterior of this crossover is quite modern, and the car itself looks quite soundly and neatly. In terms of dimensions, the car looks quite compact, while the crossover body length is 4315 mm, the wheelbase is 2673 mm, the body width does not exceed 1822 mm, and the height reaches 1625 mm. The ground clearance (clearance) of the SUV is 205 mm, thanks to which the car is not afraid of many obstacles in off-road conditions.

Despite the fact that the interior of the car is spacious enough for a compact crossover and there is enough space for rear passengers, the impression of the interior is spoiled by frankly cheap and simple plastic trim, which, according to drivers, constantly creaks.

In terms of safety, in 2011 the Renault Duster passed the Euro NCAP crash tests with a final score of 3 stars.

In 2013, the first-generation Renault Duster received a facelift, while undergoing minor aesthetic updates and engine enhancements. The updated model also has a redesigned radiator grille and improved sound insulation.

In September 2017, the second generation Renault Duster was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which went on sale in 2018. The new model was built on the same platform as the previous model, although the chassis has been reinforced to increase its strength.

The exterior remains similar to the previous version, but upgraded with new optical clusters with LED daytime running lights and a larger grille that incorporates designs from other house models. The interior has been completely redesigned to improve the comfort of both driver and passengers.

Inside the car looks modern, attractive and soundly. Although inexpensive, but quite high-quality finishing materials are used in the car interior.

Car repair is a rather expensive undertaking, so the owners of Renault Duster cars more and more often decide to repair the car with their own hands. And in this they can be helped, first of all, by special technical literature, special sites on the Internet, videos on repair topics, etc.

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