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Repair and service Renault cars in the eBook

The famous French automobile concern Renault is located near Paris and is a member of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. The corporation is considered part of the state structure and is engaged in the production of cars and trucks, where the direction of sports cars is well developed. The Renault team has repeatedly become champions in Formula, rally and other races, working closely with the best race car drivers in the world today.

The history of the brand dates back to the first assembled car by Louis Renault in 1898. Then the Renault brothers decided to organize the Renault Freres company, and produced the first joint car "model A", which produced 1.5 hp. Louis independently developed new patents, which later became especially popular: he invented a turbocharging, a removable spark plug, a compressed air starter.

In 1917, the company produced the first classic tank, and by 1935 they were producing the Renault R35, which is considered the most successful tank in France at that time. During this time, Renault models have become more powerful and modernized, for the first time a car drives through the Sahara desert, and the Juve 4 model has become a new stage in automotive design.

Before the war, the company actively cooperated with Russia and produced cars for them. But the war caused significant damage: the factories were destroyed, and Louis himself was accused of having links with the Nazis and died in prison. The French state, without thinking twice, nationalizes the company and even then, it received the modern name Renault.

In 1946, the Renault 4CV sedan was produced, which was purchased by almost every Frenchman. The state begins to reconstruct the plant, improve its capacity, and by 1954 more than 500 thousand cars are being produced. Further, the concern expected success:

  • produce Renault 4 (over 8 million units sold);
  • production of the first popular Renault 16 hatchback (the hatchback we are used to seeing today) is launched;
  • the company signs a cooperation agreement with Peugeot and Volvo, new factories, joint ventures appear, and cars reach the level of the best-selling in the world;
  • an agreement is concluded with American Motors to enter the American market;
  • production of Renault Alliance starts in the USA, and the first Renault minivan - Espace appears in Europe;
  • in the 90s, the Renault Clio car of the year was produced, which is still produced today;
  • Renault becomes the owner of Dacia (Romania) and buys 37% of Nissan (Japan), taking it out of the crisis;
  • in 2008 Renault becomes 25% - the owner of AvtoVAZ, and by 12 they buy out 67%;
  • the concern launches a line of electric vehicles: Fluence, Kangoo, Twizy and ZOE.

There are so many Renault car owners, and each of them is faced with the maintenance of their cars. The main questions that need to be addressed most often:

  • how to change oil;
  • how to repair the chassis;
  • how the car electronics works.

Having an electronic car repair manual is a good idea for solving all technical issues. Renault repair book in PDF format has detailed information, with detailed repair instructions with illustrations. All the information provided is the experience of professionals and specialists who were engaged in the repair and maintenance of cars of this brand. Download the guide to your phone and you will always have the necessary information.